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Phone tech help needed for upcoming Portugal trip


We are traveling to Portugal in the coming weeks. We have two phones both older, both we do not have monthly plans for but instead purchase minutes as needed. One phone has a TracFone plan so will be of no use to us in Portugal aside from using as a camera. The other phone has a T-Mobile plan but we have no data usage.

Looking for suggestions on what we should get/do so we can have access on a phone to email which will have our advanced purchased tickets for things etc. What can we get here in the US before we go so we are set before we arrive in Portugal?


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I’d suggest contacting TMobile and asking if you are eligible to add an international pass or what suggestions they have for a temporary low cost option. We have a regular TMobile plan (55+) that includes free data and texting internationally & it has worked very well (including in Portugal last December). We’ve not needed to add on - although that would speed data transmission.