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Anker 535 Power Bank recalled

I saw this today from the travel vlogger Travel Tips by Laurie. Not ALL their power banks are recalled, just this model.

I got an Anker for Christmas but it is smaller than this one so mine’s OK for now to ride in the cabin.

I didn’t see this posted already, so hope I’m not duplicating!

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Thanks for posting .... I just checked to see if that's the one I bought .... nope.

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Thanks for this, Pam. That is important information !

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Thanks, Pam! I had to check my new one, too! Luckily, it wasn’t that model.

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Oh wow, Pam! I am really glad yours isn’t a recalled one! That would have been awful. Next time we have lunch could you help non-techy me figure out which battery I should get, please?

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Yeah, Joe, that’s the first thing I thought of too.

And Darcy, my friend!! Yes, we can have a basic discussion on power banks, lol. I’d still recommend this brand but the smaller lighter one that I have.

I don’t know if anyone watched Laurie’s YouTube video and then did a deeper dive into her husband’s talk on batteries on planes. I knew there were spontaneous fire issues with the lithium batteries but didn’t think about the cargo hold having a fire suppression system, so that was good to know.

She also explained why the FAA allows the AirTags in cargo as they have under the amount of lithium that is considered dangerous. It’s this video at about 7:40

For anyone who hasn’t watched her videos, her husband is a pilot. They are careful not to mention the company but I think it might be United.

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Thanks for posting this. Thankfully we have different models.