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Sim card for Italy

Hi, I am looking for the easiest way to have a small amount of data and texting ability for our trip to Italy I have an iphone, my husband a samsung, so would like to text although we could set up whats app.
I previously had an international Sim Card, through the UK, but cannot remember the name of it. I paid 10 pounds a year to keep it active and then paid as I went, it worked through Europe as well as the US. I was looking for something similar, but am only finding pre-paid options.

I would prefer to buy it ahead of time. And prefer ( I think) to not have an esim. I was looking at Vodafone, but it looks like it has to be bought there? I was also looking at Lebara, but can't tell how many countries it is good for.

Any suggestions?

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I think that if your phone is capable, an eSIM may be the best way to go. That way, you can leave your home network SIM in the phone and not worry about losing it.

Personally, I would wait until I get settled in the hotel to buy a sim. That way the shop can help me if there's any problems with activation. The last time I was in Italy I purchased a TIM sim. There are Tim shops all over.

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I usually buy TIM when I am in Italy.
But I decided to try Vodafone this time,we'll see how it goes. I'm now in Bolzano.

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Thank you both, I had not heard of Tim, I'll look into it a bit further. I guess an advantage of the esim is it could be purchased ahead of time, vs the others.

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My videophone sim card that I bought 2 days ago is working well data is robust all over town. I find it extremely invaluable to use the bus system.