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Recommendation request for USB-C/AC charging hub

I would like to buy my husband a proper charging hub for traveling. I'm not having much luck on Amazon, so I thought maybe someone here would have a suggestion. He needs:
1 AC port to plug in his CPAP
2-3 USB-C for phone, ipad, and Switch (USB-C, not USB-A, and fast-charging)
5-ft or longer cord
Lightweight for travel
Surge protection or none - doesn't really matter (we're not cruisers yet)
$40 or less (ideally less)

For Europe, 2 USB-C would be enough, but for domestic travel (visiting family), he would likely use and need to charge all 3 devices occasionally. All the same, the 3rd USB-C is not needed, just a nice-to-have. It would also be best if the available USB-C's were fast-charging.

He no longer has any need of a USB-A port, but literally every charging hub I've seen comes with many!

I have seen strips with 6-10 AC outlets and 3 USB-C's - but they're enormous and not for travel.
I've seen hubs with 2 USB-C's and short 3-ft cords... no good with the CPAP.

Finally, with wireless charging becoming ubiquitous, I expect both of us will upgrade our hubs within the next 2-3 years, so low cost (<$20) would be nice. But it seems like "fast-charging" and "<$20" are mutually exclusive.

Currently, he travels with an old-school extension cord with 3 plugs off the end, plus power blocks for each device. So really, any upgrade is a good upgrade.

Thanks for any help you can offer!

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You might want to check your CPAP to see if it runs on both 110 volts and 220 volts. Most CPAPs and computers today operate on either voltage, and you just need a plug with the prongs that where you're traveling use. Most of Europe use a two prong plug, but they use a different style in the U.K.

I've found you can find the adapters, plugs and USB adapters in many places in Europe, including sundry stores. I've been collecting them on our many trips. I also have a 220 volt/110 volt converter that i sometimes use.

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I second Mardee’s suggestion of Anker products. I know you requested $40 but I use this for all of my travels (domestic and international).
I have found that it is light enough, cord is long enough and compact enough for my travels. I did not pay what is on Anker’s website. I think I got a lightning deal on Amazon or a daily deal.

Or you could keep the old-school extension cord and go with this Anker brick,

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Go with Anger, buy direct, or use ama-prime if it's still a decent value for you. However, if you'e trying to scrimp, beware that solid state chargers have advanced in the last two years and gotten more compact and powerful. I'd stick with a major brand myself and hang the expense.

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Here is what I would do. Get an ordinary 5 ft extension cord from the dollar store. On the male end, add a euro c plug. I tape the euro plug to the extension cord so as not to lose it. The female end of the plug usually has three outlets. You can plug in your CPAP (which I assume is dual voltage) and your pre-existing USB-C charger(s) for your phone/ iPad. This whole rig will cost you less than $10.

If you want maximum flexibility and portability, buy a powerbank with two high speed USB-C outlets. You can then charge up the powerbank and then you can use the powerbank to charge up multiple devices anywhere and on the move. A good power bank from Anker or a Unui will cost about $20 to $30

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Thanks for the links everyone! I saw some cool products. Anker does have great gear - my favorite portable charger, to this day, is a tiny Anker I used for many years before it finally wore out.

As I feared, @Scudder and @DB found the pricey units that fit my need and are just not economical. :-)

I ended up buying this:
But it's extremely heavy for travel, and I'm not sure I'll keep it. Honestly, I'll probably just buy some USB-C to USB-A adapters, accept the lower speed, and give my husband my old power strip which has served me well:

I expect in 2 years, most of the budget models will have more USB-C ports, since that's what all the manufacturers are making now. And maybe they'll figure out how to lighten up a bit - those USB-C units are really heavy!