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Earbud translation

Has anyone tried these new earbuds that supposedly Translate in your ear. I’m assuming it uses an app and then it’s just telling you what your waiter or front desk or whatever is saying. It looks like a really cool idea. ( Actually makes me think of Star Trek

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I can see it going something like this:
"Everybody be quiet! I'm listening to voices in my head!"

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That was standard on Star Trek. It worked well for them.

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I checked them out on Amazon and the reviews were not great. Most liked the idea and said it worked in some cases, but street noise threw it off, as did longer sentences. It also seemed like there was a fit problem and the buds kept falling out.

It's obviously in the early stages of development so hopefully time will remove a lot of the bugs, but I probably won't be buying it at this time.

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It's an interesting idea and that may be something that would work well in future, but I doubt the current models would be effective.