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Find my spouse app

Looking for an android app to put on our phones for when (not if) we get separated in crowds, any recommendations?


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I had to chuckle when I saw your title. I wondered if you were looking for an online dating site.

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Find my Phone app or similar. It would be easier just to text or phone each other. If you don't have a good enough signal for a phone call or text, it's unlikely you would have the sufficient data signal for your app to work anyways.

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If you use WhatApp it has a feature you can send to someone your exact location and they can use it to map to meet you there.

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We’ve had several occasions where we think we’ve both had a signal but couldn’t complete a call using pay go sim/esim, plus we’re hoping for just data only on our esim so would be using messenger etc for coms. Map and a direction arrow woebegone nice.

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There are Android equivalents to Air tag such as Tile, research them.

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My family (so spouse and kids) will set a time and place to meet in the event we get separated. It works especially well in museums or marketplaces where it's easy to get distracted by something that is not necessarily of interest to anyone else. Also works when on a subway and the door closes before everyone gets on or off.

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Ditto, Carol and TexasTravelmom! My sides hurt! 🤣