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Switzerland adapter

Is it accurate that a different adaptor is required in Switzerland? Meaning a different adaptor than the type for the EU as well as UK?
If yes, would also love recommendations on specific products to buy.
Thank You

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It's a tricky one to answer because some sockets you find a standard 2 round prong European adapter will work just find. Others not. I did buy a 3 prong grounded one specifically made for Switzerland and took it along with my European adapters. Amazon has them.

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Different countries need different adapters, yes. There are 4 or 5 styles, just buy a set from Amazon and throw in your luggage. Also keep in your carry-on and day bags while you're out.

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A true type C Europlug adapter should fit in a receptacle anywhere on the European continent. Some older non-grounding adapters used to have rounded ends that could interfere with the pointed ends of the Swiss receptacles recess, but I think all newer ones will fit.

However, it depends on what device you are plugging into the adapter. Type C plugs are not grounding and are limited by codes to applications drawing less than 2½ amps (575W on 230V) so they should not be used with hair dryers. I think most hair curlers/straighteners are less than 575W so they should be OK. Electronic devices, USB chargers are usually very low wattage devices and can be used with a type C adapter.

Additionally, any American device that has three prongs (two blades and a round ground pin) should use a grounding plug adapter. Grounding plugs in Italy and Switzerland have three pins with patterns unique to that country, so if you need a ground, you should get a grounding adapter for that country. For all other countries in Europe, the French/German, type E/F grounding plug adapter, like this one, should fit in any receptacle anywhere else on the continent.

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A few thoughts to add to the previous comments.....

It would help to know what type of devices you'll be using in Switzerland (ie: just phone chargers or other appliances as well)?

This chart will give you an idea what the different outlets look like - . The centre pin is the "ground" so if you don't need that, the normal two pin Europlug should work fine. Note that some outlets in Switzerland will have the same profile as shown in the photo, with "V" shaped ends. If you encounter those, Plug Adapters with rounded ends probably won't fit.

Plug Adaptors such as THESE models should work fine. It's always good to pack along a few extra, as they're small and easy to misplace.