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Technology Tips

Talk up technology used for travel here

European tourism now comes with a digital divide: those with high tech gadgets and those without. Discuss gadgets, mobile devices, apps, cameras, rotary phones, and more. Which tools are worth the trouble and actually enhance your travels?

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Skipping the SIM?
christymck 10
Skype and Landlines
Kateja 9
Skyping from Europe to the U.S.
Paul 5
Skyroam and WiFi access
jdmahood 3
Small cameras for travel
Barbara 27
Small cheap netbook at Wallymart
phred 3
Smallest printer for I-phone photos
June 4
small, relatively inexpensive camera for this summer's Lippizan tour
horsewoofie 8
Smartphone app for maps, pre-planning, and real-time routing/guidance
Jim 17
Smartphone good applications to have on the phone before I go. England
shopmidway506 20
Smartphone in Europe
Ann 9
smartphone rental for European trip? Want to have it set up & ready to go before the...
mblant01 8
Smartphone security
jclasbycarter 7
SmartPhones in Europe
4salenas 23
software language
jackpilson225 4
Some Good Earbuds for my Europe Trip?
steven.r.hansen 15
Son lost iPhone in Italy, can he buy replacement there?
NJShoreFan 38
Sony A 6000
teani 4
Sony DSLR sensor/travel photography
rjanedoe 21
Sony NEX 7 vs. RX100 III
Mike in VT 4
Sprint cell plan for Spain
Andrea 4
Sprint Global Roaming cell phone plan
Tim_near_Seattle 4
Sprint International Calling Plans
Donna 3
Staying connected in Italy
nereo1 0
storing spreadsheet (Excel) and Word (text) files on an iPhone
Packy 23
storing travel information electronically
Claire 9
Streaming Stick For Internet Content in Europe?
jrfandff 1
Study Abroad in Paris: Best Cell Phone Options?
wittk11 2
Suggested location app for European travel
Nanci 1
Suggestions for comfortable, noise-canceling wired earbuds....not expensive? Do they...
GypsyRover 19
Suggestions for photo editing, organizing,storing to replace Apple's Photo
Elle 4
Suggestions needed-Buy sim card online- Iphone to use in Europe
tpsatern 4
Switzerland adapter question
advocatecare 21
Sygic GPS App
dmsparnroft 4
Sygic Travel Planner - Been amazing, albeit quite commercialized
mtclymer 0
tablet for travelling...which one ?
mathemilu 11
Tablets, Phones and Pickpockets
blueokoboji 5
Tablet trouble
marsh 9
Take a "Powerboard" for charging your tech...
Gary 7
Take pictures of book pages
Mira 8
Take your earphones with you.
Richard 22
Taking an IPad and or Smart Phone for extended trip to Europe
aarthurperry 24
Taking better Photos
Sean 17
Tap to pay with smartphone
Sunny 2
Technology for the dummy
mschonekas 4
technology in China
pfitzsimmons33 2
Technology in Europe
Karen 6
Technology Problem.
TC 5
Tele lens for iPhone
l.p.enersen 4
Telephones cards in Europe
juancho98massey 7