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Magic Jack

Anyone here us Magic Jack in Europe? Interested in getting and receiving calls both with the device and via the mobile apps? Mostly calls to and from the U.S.

I need someplace to park my current landline phone number when I move so I receive calls on that number. I don't want to start with a second mobile plan.


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Check into voip.

We chose to go with and we've been with them for a couple of years now. We no longer pay the local phone czars exorbitant rates for a traditional landline.

We have 3 "landline" phone numbers ringing on our phone right now:

Our old phone number that we've had for years at our previous house (different city), a number for our current house (geographically recognizable area code), and a number in the city where my son lives (no long distance charges for them calling us). DH also recently added an "international" number for when we travel. We can redirect any to ring onto a cellphone.

We pay pennies a minute for almost all of our long distance calls (between .01 and .03).

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Forgive me for not understanding the magic of it all, but I have a daughter who lives in Italy. She has magic jack at home (her US cell number) and somehow uses it with her iPhone. You just have to be smarter than I am, which isn't too hard!

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I used one about 8 years ago while staying in Ireland. I don't know about current models of the Magic Jack, but I did not have the ability to transfer a landline number to mine. It offered me a few options and I selected the number that was easiest for me to remember. No problems with using it. I connected mine to a netbook and used a corded phone to call.

Nowadays, I use Skype to call back to the US.