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Last minute Technology question

I’m finalizing my packing for Scotland and have numerous charging cables/USB/cords along with the devices in my backpack. I’m thinking it looks really redundant, and can I leave duplicate cords and wall plugs at home? All my devices are pretty new, the oldest being a set of Bose noise cancelling earbuds that are 5 or 6 years old. I’ve got new Sony wireless earbuds, iPhone, iPad mini and a rechargeable power bank. I’m thinking it should be ok if I use the charging cable from the iPad to charge the power bank, and that any USB cube would be ok with any USB cord as long as the fitting fits the device…right? I guess I’m asking before I ‘fry’ one of my devices while attempting to charge it!

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Think about how many devices you might want to charge at one time (like overnight) and make sure you have the right kinds of cords to make that possible. I have a brick with multiple usb ports so I can plug multiple cables into it at the same time using one outlet. I recently bought this cable that can charge 3 kinds of devices at once: Multi Charging Cable, 5ft 3Pack Multi Charger Cable Nylon Braided Multiple USB Cable Universal 3 in 1 Charging Cord Adapter with Type-C, Micro USB Port Connectors for Cell Phones and More

Worst case scenario - you buy a cable there. No big deal. But do you really need two sets of earbuds? A phone AND an iPad?

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But do you really need two sets of earbuds? A phone AND an iPad?

Yes. Currently traveling with an iPhone and iPad Mini. I’d rather read on the Mini instead of the phone but would rather have the phone for tickets, ApplePay, citymapper. I have 2 pr ear buds. One that is pronged for use with museum audioguides and one with a lightening port for my phone.

Terry, do try everything out at home. I wound up with a small cube for my phone and Apple Watch and the larger one for my iPad Mini just because of the connectors. I know there are plugs you can buy to accommodate but it was at the last minute and I didn’t think I could tolerate a trip to Target with the nonsense that went on in their parking lot!

Yea! Travel well!!

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In my never-ending quest to reduce the weight of my luggage, I took just the right number of charging cables to handle phone, tablet and external battery at the same time. I hadn't considered that it might be annoying to have one of those cables doing double duty--charging devices at night and living in my purse in the daytime so I could connect my phone to the external battery. There was a risk I'd forget to put the critical cable in my purse before heading out in the morning, though I never actually made that mistake. I guess this wouldn't really be a big deal on a short trip, but in the future I'm going to take an extra cable so I can just leave one in my purse.

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I travel with two of each different type of cable and two socket adapters and two USB transformers.

One set (the long ones about 3 feet) are packed in my carry on bag
One set (the short ones less than 12") are in my personal item. I find myself recharging things in airports on occasion so I like to have them easy to reach. Oh, two power banks, again one, the larger one, in the carry on and one, the smaller one good for maybe 2 charges on my phone, in the personal item. Redundant, but now I can loose one and still function.

The power banks are really handy because i dont want to go out with a low battery and sometimes i forget to charge. I may be gone all day and its nice having the backup.
For my MS Surface Go (about the size of an Ipad) i only carry one charger (also very small) and some day I may regret that.

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Too late for the last minute, but the most recent version of these devices all use USB-c charging ports. If you plan your upgrades, a single charger and cable could be used for all devices in the future.

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Not sure when you’re leaving, but I usually pack a couple more charging cords than I think I’ll need - so I have a duplicate USB-C connector, USB-A and lightning (no more micro USB devices, thank goodness).

But having said that, you can find those things all over Europe if you need them. I forgot my charging cord for the power bank I use last year in Germany and found one very quickly in a shop in Berlin that worked. The cords are universal so you should not have any problem if you decide you need extra ones.

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Thank you all….and a big shout out to Pam;) ! I hope you’re getting over jet lag and having fun.
As to the 2 sets of earbuds…. Well, my Sony wireless are nice in a quiet environment but for me the noise cancellation capabilities just don’t compare to my older ‘wired’ Bose earbuds. So I wear the Bose set on the plane so that I can retreat into my own space. Sadly, they won’t work with my iPhone, even with the Apple adapter. Theres a horrible ‘pulsing’ sound that I’ve never been able to eliminate. So, I take Sony wireless too.
And I guess that even though each device that I will carry came with instructions warning me to use ‘only this authorized charger’ they are in fact pretty interchangeable. I was worried that the voltage or electrical current may differ between them ….silly me! I have plenty UK wall adapters and will just take the necessary cords and USB cubes. We have several nights in some of our locations on our trip so leaving them plugged in at our rental will allow plenty of charging time for hubby and I.
Can’t wait to meet up for coffee when we’re back Pam!

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“* Can’t wait to meet up for coffee when we’re back Pam!*”

Well, laughing, we might be tea drinkers by then, lol!! Whatev hot beverage works!