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Map Apps for Android

Hey all,

so for any of you with a Android phone do you have or know of any decent Map Apps.

what im trying to do is to put all or most of my travel info onto a map. But here are the catches.

To view the map off line.
to be able to add notes/comments/links with the place mark
to be able to add unlimited place marks on the map
change color and place mark symbols

it would be nice to be able to disable (turn off) the place marks or put them on layers to be able to turn off.

For those of you already using Google Maps and such, i am in the process of using/testing it and trying different maps and different Google Maps apps.

but Google has seen to it to disable most of the functions on the android google maps. I am using the map maker function in google, but it has its limitations. Ive also purchased the google Map engine Pro and it STILL has some limitations.

Im sure that what im trying or want to do isnt rocket science or NEW since this is my first smart phone and they have been out there for a while including travelers. Worst case is that i start writing my own apps but i perfer not to go down that road, yet.

Mucho thanks,

Happy trails.

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Hi Ray,
I just tonight found a map app from TomTom. They say it will work without your device being connected to either cellular or wifi (think car TomTom GPS that works without cellular and WiFi). Now, I was specifically looking for IPad/IPod apps, but they might also have one for android.

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@ blueokoboji,

thanks for the tip. I will look into it.

happy trails.

edit to add.

I looked at the app and it wont do some of the things i want.

thanks again.

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Yes they did and i have used it.

however, i can NOT upload maps from "my places" or other google map.

happy trails.

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@ Dick,

"Watch how to preload Google Maps to your android ."

Thanks, but its 2 years (+? versions) out of date.

happy trails

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My wife and I used two apps. Map of Italy and Map of Greece ( I'm sure they make other maps, I know this company has one for the USA as well) Both apps use complete offline maps with GPS navigation that also works when your not connected and even in airplane mode. Both have voice guidance and bookmarking functions. I love that they have so many things that you can bookmark or view on the maps, such as restuarants, hotels, landmarks, museums, airports, train stations, subways, shops, stores, bathrooms, etc. They really came in handy in Venice and even when we got lost as the WHERE AM I buttom would show you on the map where you where once the GPS found your phone. Never used any roaming or cell service! Great apps!

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Hi Ray,

I've been using MapsWithMe "pro" ( LINK:MapsWithMe ). With the "pro" version you can download offline maps of anywhere in the world for use offline included in the price of the app ($5). You can also open KML/KMZ files for later use. I'm getting ready for a trip to Lisbon, Athens, Izmir and points in between. I've been collaborating with my wife on Google Maps and have a KML file to download and use for our trip (you can see it too if you're interested: LIZ-ATH-IZM vacation ). Both our android phones have offline maps for the whole of Portugal, Greece, and Turkey now. And built in to the basic app without the downloaded maps is a coarse map of the world with basic political boundaries and big cities and roads which is handy to do basic exploring without internet connection.

As for your wish list I think the only item I'm not sure you can do with MapsWithMe is change the color of the pins. The offline maps also include a fair amount of detail including some basic POIs (Points Of Interest) like landmarks, parks, churches, schools, restaurants, etc. You can turn off and on "layers" in your KML/KMZ bookmarks. You can add other details to your pins too.

It's worth noting for those who use Windows 8 phones and tablets that Nokia Here! Maps are now available offline for free too. Regrettably both my Windows tablets don't have GPS though!

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@ michael,

Thanks for the info.

I have bought the Mapwithme Pro version to try on my trip this Sept along with Google Maps Engine.

Ive been using "My Places" a lot to plan my trips for this year, so for the moment its what i like but its involved. I would like to upload it to "mapswithme" but i loose too much information i put into it so, for this trip, i will just try it on the fly. Unless they make changes or Mapwithme or it matures more, i will probably stick with "my places" and Google Maps Engine.

Someone on a different thread? mentioned Tripomatic. I joined/tried using it, but again, its sort of in a beta mode (in my opinion-IMO) since all it does is map things in a simple calendar. i think it has potential but imo it has several revs to go before i will use it.

happy trails.