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Long term phone plan.

We are going to be in Europe for four months. As our home phone plan does not cover overseas, I am looking at getting a phone for while are there. Outside of the actual phone (probably a smartphone), what is a good plan for that length of time? Would need a plan that could cover FB- I would be doing that, more than the wife-and occasional calls for confirming reservations etc. Thanks for your responses.

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To begin with, I assume you're familiar with the Schengen rules which limit visitors to 90 days in any 180 day period?

Regarding the phone, for long term use it will be more cost effective to buy a local phone and calling plan. Many of the "travel SIM" services are limited to 30 days, so those won't be an option. If your present phone is unlocked, you can simply buy a local SIM when you arrive there. One point to mention is that whenever you travel outside the country where the SIM was purchased, you'll be roaming so your costs will be a bit more expensive. The roaming rates have been capped by the E.U. so the costs will only be slightly higher.

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You need a SIM-unlocked smartphone. They are cheaper over here. You can sign up for a pre-paid plan at a cellphone store when you get over there. You can also sign up for a T-Mobile account here in the US because they provide unlimited international data roaming and the roaming rates are good.