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Map application for iPad that works offline and does not need GPS to function

My wife and I will be traveling in Greece in September and will take an iPad that does not have data and GPS capability, although, of course, it does have WiFi capability. We would appreciate any recommendations for map applications that do not need to make use of GPS to function. We understand that we would not be able to use the app to locate our position through GPS. We simply want to be able to dowload maps of Athens and other places in Greece and to display the maps on the iPad.

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Google Maps has the option to "save offline map" that works great. Info is in the tips and tricks section inside the menu of the app. Also both Apple Maps and Google Maps will remember the last area that you were looking at. You can bring up the map you need while you're in wifi and when you're out and about open the app and it will still have the same area saved for offline use.

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I'm a big fan of the Ulmon Pro-City Maps 2 Go app. You can download maps for any number of countries, cities and regions. Articles can also be downloaded to accompany the maps in case you want more info or need to do planning, sightseeing, etc. Everything is accessible offline and is very detailed. My copilot and I found it very easy to use when we were cluelessly rambling all over France and Spain and managed to not get too terribly lost. Interestingly, we found that if you've turned on location services on your iPad, the app will glom on to an open wifi hot spot and show your location as you travel on the map ... Very useful for some of the crazy and unmarked intersections/road forks you may encounter.

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Take a look at Osmand+. $5.99 for all the maps you want. It is gps and you don't need wifi. It's not as user friendly as Garmin but we used it in France this summer along with the Garmin. We used this on our android. It may work on an iPad.

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I agree with MsOzone, I loved the Ulmon Pro-City Maps 2 Go App. I did not like the offline google maps at all.

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I often cut from Google Maps and paste them onto the spreadsheet page for that town, but then my destinations are usually small enough that I don't need a big map. Also, I carefully research where I am going before I leave my desktop, so I only need to paste a smaller area.

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Thank you for your replies to my question. It looks like we have several options.

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Pocket Earth! The only trick is that you need to download the cities/areas where you will be when you are on wifi....preferably from home (hotel wifi can be very slow).

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Another fan of the Ulmon City Maps 2 Go here. It works on my iPhone and iPad without needing a cellular or wifi signal if you download the maps in advance. Lots of great features and when you zoom in far enough it shows down to the business names on streets - very handy for finding a café or specific named location.

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I agree with Marie.

• NO expensive data services needed while traveling.
• Smartphone has GPS

Maps.Me is the one I prefer:
1) Preloaded maps stored in smartphone for use offline when traveling (no expensive data service).
2) Downloadable EU maps (pre-trip) are available at NO CHARGE.
3) On board GPS location Phone services function in real time to tell me where I am.
4) Offline routing (and guidance) features available in real time to tell me how to get to where I need to go.
The 4th item listed above is the most difficult offline feature to find; most apps (like Pocket Earth) either don’t have OFFZLINE routing or require continuous data streaming (or wifi connection) to process routing requests.
The only iPhone app I could find meeting requirements 1 thru 4 is
This free app is available for Android, iOS (iPhone) and many other operating systems.
A $4.99 Pro version add-free version is available.
Web site:
User Manual:
A companion app GuideWithMe (also free) is also available for many destinations; this might be a useful resource.
Other apps researched with known issues identified:
• MotionX – no EU maps.
• Novmii -- buggy, crashes repeatedly, numerous pricey in-app feature purchases
• CityMaps2Go – offline routing not available, all route processing carried out using online servers

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I 2nd Google Maps' "Offline Maps". Try it for free and see if it meets your needs before you go :)