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Language translator apps

I'm considering loading a language translator app on my iPhone/iPad. Any experience with any of these apps?

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Why? Second it probably will required data download which can be expensive.

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jmacaulay ,

this is just my opinion.

technology is great and has its place, but why travel if you avoid people using translation apps? theres too much of that stuff going on now.

I know its scary to try and speak a different language, but you should try it first. I know you wont be fluent in a days or weeks, but try learning the basics. Even if its to ask "do you speak english?" with the please, thank you and such.

I think you will find out more than not that most people are not going to get mad at you but will appreciate your try.

Now it doesnt hurt to have some app handy in emergencies. But i would try to at lest mingle with the locals.

Happy trails.

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I use jibbigo and it works offline . About $5. Great for road signs, menus and translating signs and figuring out what you want to ask? Does not mean you do not mix with the locals.....very helpful

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I was looking for a wordless picture book for travelers two nights ago when I experienced an "Ah Ha!" moment. Why not use the translation device on my cell phone? This is my 4th leisure trip to European countries where I do not speak the language. I found will translate a short phrase (140 letters) to text in another language, & by tapping the speaker in the text box will give the pronunciation. I see this as a help to me in that I can repeat the phrase myself as opposed to asking "Pardone Señor. Do you speak English?" I feel this site will make me less reliant on others traveling with me to obtain an answer to my requests or statements. If I need to stop in a chemist's store for a remedy for a stomach problem, the translated text or voice will help. I can begin now to learn basic words & phrases for the 3 countries I will be visiting as this site gives me the audible translation. In a pinch I can use the translator on site. It is better than a picture book any day!

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I have a German language translation program (not an app) on my netbook. It's self contained and doesn't need an Internet connection.

IMO, the trouble with most translators is that they tell you how to ask the question, but you can get a million different answers, only three of which might be covered.