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Messenger or Whatsapp for Hotels?

Hi! Recently I booked an inaccessible hotel in Thailand (Just need something cheap but still have a room to myself). The front desk promised that he will arrange transport from the airport since I will reach in the wee hours. Upon reaching the airport, I couldn't find the hotel's staff nor contact them since I don't have a SIM card. Just wondering if anyone have similar experience where you hope to contact the hotel staff through Messenger or Whatsapp since you don't have a phone line? Or have you guys contacted a hotel through such chat apps before?

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I think the hotel would have to be willing to set up a corresponding chat account with messenger, whatsapp, skype, etc to be able to receive a communication from you. Also, even if they have a chat account that you can access, what are the chances somebody will monitor it late at night.

Pay phone?