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language apps for spain and czech for iphone question

has anyone had experience with an offline app for converting language for Spain ( Barcelona and Madrid) and for Czech (Prague)
I am looking for an app that will work on an iphone, ipad etc. works off line and preferable free or low cost.

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Check out the Google translate app.
It’s free, you can download any languages you’ll need for your trip ahead of time, and you can use offline.

Have a wonderful trip!

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Google Translate works fine for scanning text such as menus etc but for conversational use it's quite hit and miss. Typically, particularly in Prague, it's far less time consuming and less frustrating to simply speak in English. A few phrases such as hello, thank you etc will be a nice touch but most people in the tourism sector speak English.

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thanks, for the replies. for many years we have used word lens and jibigo ( before google translate) and french and german etc apps, but wondered if there was alternate apps to google translate.