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lack of storage in exit row seats

I have no idea where else to put this posting, I think tech tips is the closest. So I have tickets booked for a flight to Hong Kong in November on Singapore Airlines. The great news is that I have exit row seats, which come with the bonus of ample leg room and not needing to straddle over the person next to you to get out out and vice versa. However, there is also limited or no storage space. There is neither a seat back pocket in front nor a bin overhead. For those who have had exit row seats before, how did you deal with storage. I'm not looking to carry a ton of things on board that I would need readily accessible, but at the minimum a couple of books.

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In my experience anything not on your person has to be put in the overhead bins if there is no seat in front of you. Ask your flight attendant, Singapore Airlines has an excellent reputation for customer service and obviously he/she will be familiar with the procedure. Anything that you can carry in your pockets will likely not have to be stowed above. If you wish there are vests and jackets that you can buy with a great many pockets, but my lightweight nylon windbreaker can hold my ipod and headphones, tablet, a book, writing material, probably a 500ml water bottle, and other sundries. If anyone asks why you are wearing a jacket, you can tell them that you are concerned that the air conditioning might be too chilly.

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KC, you might ask the Webmaster to move this thread to Transportation...

I sit in the exit row every chance I get, and I've never not had overhead bins for my larger bag. I keep my smaller items in a bag under the seat in front of me (and smaller things I intend to use in a Ziploc bag in the seat-back pocket, but apparently you won't have one of those).

Have you looked up your particular plane on

I'd give up a lot to have the exit row to Hong Kong...if I couldn't swing something 'closer to the front' ;-)

EDIT: Are you sitting in a bulkhead seat (NO seats in front of you), or is there a row of seats in front of you? Even if there are NO seats in front of you, I've always kept a small bag that can be brought down to my seat after the airplane has reached a certain altitude and/or the Fasten Seat Belt sign has been turned off. I just keep it behind my legs until time to prepare to land.

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we just fly a couple of flights like this ( with cathay pacific, in/out of hong kong) and they asked us to place everything in the overhead locker while taking off and landing. other than those times we were free to store anything we wanted on the ground in front of us. there was a small pocket on the wall near the exit door/window for holding magazines headphones etc. in premium economy ( which we fly) those seats are great as the leg room and stand up space is fantastic !!
we did find that it was worthwhile to board ASAP as sometimes the overhead lockers get used ( particularly for those seats) the hostess will find a spot, but it may not be above/near you otherwise.

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Thanks everyone...

Yes, I did a great deal of research on the seat layout of this flight/plane. It's going to be a Boeing 777-300ER which as a 3 seat row next to the exit. It's the first row of economy class. So there is truly no seat ahead of you. Basically, there is empty space between your feet and the bulk head in front where business class begins. Someone wrote a great review of their flight on this exact same plane, in this same row (though not the same route). About three photos down is a photo of the row that I'm going to be sitting in (but on the other side of the plane:

Interestingly enough, the seat against the wall is considered a "regular" seat and only the middle and aisle seats are considered "premium" and therefore assessed an additional charge (I think it was about an additional $100 or $150 to get those seats, but of course, it's not the charge that is the challenge, it's booking the flight far enough in advance to score those seats).

I've always felt a little unnerved at the thought of sitting right next to the door, for obvious reasons, but after my last international flight I decided it's just too painful to have limited leg room and a seat back reclined into your face and limited movement in and out of your seat/row.

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It looks like perhaps the center overhead compartments go all the way to the front, so that may be an option. I wouldn't sweat about your stored luggage, though. Just board ASAP and use what's available. My personal experience is that on international flights, the compartments are less full than on domestic flights. Hey - you've swapped your luggage storage for a TV ;-)

And just a general reminder that in exit rows in the middle of the plane (like Row 22) the front row (there's usually two rows of exit-row seating) Does Not Recline, or has Severely Restricted Recline because that would interfere with getting the heck out of the plane deplaning.

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We have just returned from the UK. Flew with Singapore Airlines and had exit aisle seats on all legs. Heaven!!!! Flight from London to Heathrow in exit aisle you have booked in. Attendants are strict about bags etc on take-off and landing. As they are seated opposite you at these times, it's hard to sneak things under your seat (I tried)!!! Store your bits'n'pieces in overhead locker and retrieve them when seat belt sign goes off. My daughter and I were just saying yesterday what a difference having exit aisle seats made to our getting through such long flights and recovery at the end.

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Please remember that if you choose to sit in the exit row you are certifying that you are physically able to open the emergency exit if needed -- not just that you were lucky enough to score a seat with extra leg room.