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Last Supper Tickets—Ta Da!!!!

We will be in Milan for one day in March, stopping overnight on our way between Chamonix and Naples (yes). I read up and knew to register on the site, and then watch for the announcement of release dates for the doming months. The last release date was Sept. 29 for December and January, , so I assumed there would be a similar date in late November for February and March. So I watched, but nothing. JI checked a few days ago, and still nothing. It must have been Dec. 10 that I last checked, because just now I checked again and it said that tickets for February, March and April were released on Dec. 11!!!

I was not expecting to find anything left but the calendar for our date in mid-March was green, meaning tickets available. So I signed in and proceeded, and to make a long story short, I did get 2 tickets for the 9:30 am English guided tour. But it wasn’t easy. The menu showed possible choices:

“Fascia con visits guidata in Inglese”. This was on the English version of the website but still in Italian. Available “seats”: 1. Below that was “Ingresso” which I know is entrance. Available “seats” 20. So I booked 2, thinking we would get entry alone with no guide. That is OK as my husband has read a lot about this and also I know there are audio guides available. But during the check-out process, the website would not let me proceed without also booking 2 “guided tours” in English at 3.50 euros each. Maybe these are audio guides?

Anyway, it’s all done and we are going. There are still apparently tickets available, so if you will be in Milan in February (few dates left), March, or April (many more), now is your chance to get Last Supper tix.

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Good job on getting your Last Supper tickets!

But during the check-out process, the website would not let me proceed without also booking 2 “guided tours” in English at 3.50 euros each. Maybe these are audio guides?

Your tickets actually include a guided tour by a knowledgeable tour guide.
Make sure you arrive 30 minutes prior to your time to pick up your tickets from the ticket office.
Please note that your visit will be limited to 15 minutes, so take your desired photos while the guide is talking, otherwise you’ll miss out, and you cannot linger around once the 15 minutes are over.
Do check out the mural on the opposite wall of the Last Supper.

Last year when booking my Last Supper ticket, the only ones available for my dates included a guided tour in Italian!

The tour guide was very knowledgeable and personable, and she answered some of my questions (in English) after the tour.


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I got up at 3:00 in the morning to nab my ticket the day it was released.
The thing that I enjoyed the most about being in the same room with that fresco, was standing way back near the opposite wall and viewing the piece together with the windows on the high left. You can see the light source is coming from the left in photos, but also seeing the windows, even on a cloudy day, and seeing it in situ was fabulous.

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The local tour companies gobble up all the tickets immediately but don't want the ones that require an extra guided tour fee (I think they are at 9:30 and 3:00). Those are usually available to the public for a short time until sold out.

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Lola, even though we thought we knew everything we needed to know about the Last Supper, we were blown away by how much we learned from the guide. She drew our attention to details we hadn't considered before, and gave several interpretations that were new to us. Embrace the opportunity. You will learn something, which is one of the joys of traveling.

Oh, and if you have a chance, check out Ross King's "Leonardo and the Last Supper."

There's also some interesting information about the painting in Robert Edsel's works. I think "Saving Italy" is the one that has the most information about how the Last Supper was protected from bombing. There's also "Rescuing DaVinci, " and of course, "The Monuments Men."

I found all these books at our local library.

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Hi Jane,

My husband red the Ross King book and loved it. It is sitting on my "to be read" shelf waiting for me to find the time. Maybe I should be doing that instead of spending time on this forum!