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Lanyard IPhone 13

My phone holds the key to my trip. It has all train tickets, accommodation confirmations trip info other travel apps etc. Does anyone have any recommendations for lanyard or something to keep phone attached to body other than putting in front pocket ? to minimize chances of it being pickpocketed.

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I asked almost the same question recently.

I ended up with a tether patch under my Otter Box case and a plain lanyard. I sewed a ring into my extra small Travelon purse. Attached a non-locking nite ize carabiner I found at Home Depot (easier for arthritic hands to open). Then I hooked the lanyard to that. The phone rests inside my purse on the zipper side. I
can thread the lanyard or earphones through to use my phone when I need and should be able to keep my purse locked. In theory and trial; trip’s in September. I’m not sure this makes sense but you get the idea.

Whatever you do, don’t put your phone in your pocket unless it’s an inside zipped front pocket.

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Yes, my phone holds all the same sorts of information and I had the same worries. There are lots of choices on Amazon: silicone spider-web like things that go around the outside of your phone case, and thin things that go between your phone case and your phone, and feed a loop out through the charging hole so you can attach the loop to a lanyard. Most seem to be no-name imported brands. Then I saw the "Hitch" phone anchor + tether made by Night Ize. Was able to get it at REI using my 20% off sale coupon (good through 3/28/22). some reviewers said it was too thick to allow their phone case to stay on the phone. I checked it while I was in the REI parking lot so I could return it immediately if it didn't work. But it does! If someone yanked really hard on the tether it might give way, but if someone wants my phone that badly, they can have it. All our tickets will also be on my wife's phone plus paper backup copies.

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Check out what Bandolier offers, which I have used for the past ten years. I just purchased the case with the snap side pocket, which is great, especially as a small portable phone battery can fit inside.
Safe travels!

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Your phone should NOT be the key to your trip. The information should be all in the cloud. If the phone broke/ walked/went for a swim you should be able to log onto an alternative device and recover all this information. If you can't rethink your strategy.

The phone is useful -but it should only hold a COPY of anything - including photos. I could lose my phone tomorrow - but everything is accessible on my laptop tablet that travels with me. If I didn't have a backup device - I'd be looking at buying a replacement and spending an hour or s on free wifi to download everything again.

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Haha I have the same concern and plan to use a lanyard! The phone is as important as the passport nowadays! My phone cover already has a ring on it (it’s a finger support thing from five below. Hope to attach lanyard to it ). But I still don’t plan on using any of the pant pockets for the phone. Pity because it’s damn convenient that way.

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I think Lissie is half right, you should have everything in the cloud AND important stuff should be printed and kept in your suitcase. There is no substitute for paper in a pinch.