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Phone tether opinion please

Has anyone used a phone tether or lanyard to keep your cell phone safe and secure? I recently upgrade from an old iPhone 6s to an iPhone 13 pro max. Because the new phone is bigger, it won’t fit in the zippered purse pocket I had planned for a phone. Now it only fits in the the main compartment.. I think a phone tether to the purse (a very small Travelon) or me will be a good idea to keep sneaky fingers from grabbing the phone or me dropping it. I’m not looking for a phone wallet.

EDIT to clarify: the main purse compartment is zippered. Since it’s a Travelon, there are lots of zippered and snapped pockets. My thinking is a tether inside would make my phone more secure especially when I’m using it for directions or it’s camera. I’m trying not to add more weight since my neck will hurt.

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I would get a purse that your phone will fit in. I cant imagine tethering a phone to a bag that it doesn’t fit in. I’d be afraid of it falling out and getting damaged, even if it’s tethered.

I use this one with my iPhone 12 Pro. The phone just fits in the single zippered pocket on the back, so yours would probably fit in the biggest pocket.
Roma Leathers Genuine Cross Body Purse Bag, Multi-Pocket

My kids used cell phone lanyards with their smaller iPhones, but I would want one with a big phone.

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I have used Bandolier phone cases with neck straps for years. They're a little pricey, but I love the extra security, knowing that if I was bumped, or whatever, I wouldn't drop my phone into a canal, river, ravine, etc.

Just google the company, the cases/straps are high quality and come in numerous colors and styles.

Safe travels!

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When I travel, no matter the size of my phone, I keep it on a lanyard around my neck in order to be able to access it quickly for taking photos, but also to have it securely tethered. I have a an apparatus that fits between my cell phone and the case, with a loop coming through the bottom of my case which attaches to a lanyard. I love it

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Hi, my husband and I both use cases from this Lander website that have wrist straps. We can tighten the strap up to our wrist if wanted, and we feel very secure about not losing our phone while using it. The cases are well made and strong. I imagine my phone would have ended up at the bottom of a Venice canal or field outside of Luxor (during the hot air balloon ride) by now if I had not had this case. This option would be more for you not dropping it rather than it not being snatched.

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What I do is this: I put a phone ring on the back of my phone case. (It also doubles as a stand and I can put my finger through the ring helping to prevent droppng it.) I then use a Tyny Tools key clip bungee--about 8" long--with carabiners at both ends. One end cips to the phone key ring the other to a belt loop on my trousers.

Tyny Tools is now out of business, but Tom Bihn sells a similar type strap with clips on both ends. When I want to use the phone, I just unclip the side on the phone ring.

Here's a link to a photo of what the Tyny Tools Key Clip Bungee looks like.

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Thank you all who shared your favorite phone tether, lanyard and wrist strap. I appreciate the information. Now I have to decide which will work best for me (still leaning towards a tether).

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I'm a professional cook by trade and my sister works construction. Both of us need our phones a lot during work and also listen to podcasts and things. I used to drop my phone getting it out of my back pocket with the tips of my floury fingers.

We are absolutely sold on these adjustable lanyard things:

I strongly prefer these to the ones that attach with a sticker or tab can wear out or tear too easily for my comfort.

The phones never fall out of them, you can pull it up to be pretty tight or wear it at the hip. It comes off very easily to drop into your bag, but maybe best of all, no digging around when you see something you want to take a photo of of when you need to show documents.

I believe there are less "hipster" looking ones if these aren't your style, but they are life changing and I can't tell you how many people have asked me where they can get one.

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Thanks everyone! I narrowed down my choice to this lanyard because I think it will fit my iPhone 13 pro max with its Otterbox Defender case. I have time before my trip to test it’s usefulness and durability and test drive something else if I don’t like it.

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I had a looped strap in my drawer that I received with some unknown device. I was able to loop it through the camera hole in my phone case with a lark's head knot. It's been three years now, and the strap is still on the phone. It's nice to be able to put it around my neck, if needed, but mostly it gives me something to grab onto, and I can tether it into my purse.