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Bus or Car in Fuessen area? To the West Robert 1
1/2 day in Milan Italy Robert 6
3 days, Munich, Salzburg, Vienna To the West Robert 6
Frankfurt airport to Frankfurt train station Transportation jeff 2
Versailles on our way to Beaune...... To the West sandi 7
Medical Evacuation Insurance policy suggestions please Italy Sheron 6
Strollers in Paris To the West Julie 1
G8 Summit 2009 and Schengen Agreement Suspended. Italy Robert 2
4 days Paris + ???? in July 2009 To the West Sally 14
Getting to Cappadocia from Istanbul To the East Sally 2
Canadian ATM Cards Italy Shelley 1
New Hours at St. Peter's? Is anyone certain of this? Italy Ben 4
Wine Tour in Bordeaux To the West traveller1791 0
Eurail Pass or Individual Tickets? Transportation Rick 14
Hotels in Paris To the West Daniel 12
Rome - Eateries General Europe Kelley 8
are trenitalia tickets usually generic? Italy Olivia 6
Italian Monasteries Italy John 5
Russia General Europe Michelle 3
Venice Hotels, huh?? Italy Peggy 9
Tuscany hill towns with children ages 8,11,15.. Italy Lola 11
Tuscany hill towns with children. Italy Lola 7
Cinque Terre by boat? Italy Lola 8
All hostel rooms are taken. Uh oh, or it's okay? General Europe Billy 3
Ripoffs and Theft in Spain To the West Andy 13
Swiss Francs / Euros/ Credit card To the West Shari 7
Converter - Adapter General Europe deb 4
Transportation between Turkey and Israel To the East Jann 5
Venice to La Spezia train Transportation Rishee 4
Ischia to Napoli Italy Paula 0
Skipping the line to the Vatican Museum seems way too easy. Italy Andy 3
thermacare heat wraps General Europe Viv 7
Are internet cafes everywhere? General Europe steve 23
Best way to get to Florence after flying into Rome Italy Brian 8
Clonakilty To the North Wesley 2
Munich safe for a woman alone? To the West simran 9
Carnivale in Venice Italy Lisa 1
driving in Spain To the West bonnie 1
Currency To the East Kim 6
Prepurchase in London? To the North jeff 18
Netherlands off the beaten path To the West mark 12
Medieval soccer tournament in Florence Italy Judith 0
staying near zurich To the West Amy 5
how to book 6 person couchette on Transportation elaine 3
Rail from Milan to Stresa and on to Zermat without reservation/fee Transportation Bob 2
Renting a motorcycle in Italy? Italy Cristy 5
Pane e Coperto charge Italy maggie 3
Italian Itinerary Question Italy Kristin 12
Question about train from Monterosso to Varenna Italy Sheron 6
Travelling to Austria, Sweden & Norway Transportation Minjal 3