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General Europe

Questions and answers regarding travel across multiple countries

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Refocusing the RS Forum in the Age of COVID-19
Webmaster 137
FAQ's: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
Webmaster 0
Precautions for Flying
James E. 36
What travel experiences were disappointing?
BigMikeWestBy... 108
mike1728 31
Anybody read Rick's recently released compilation?
Kent 2
Today's Smile from Barcelona
Jane 6
Traveling through the Alphabet
Nigel 429
Suggestion that TRAVEL INSURANCE be a menu category topic option on the Travel Forum
sallyaschwarz 8
About Fred
steven 25
Today I Was Supposed To Be...
CWsocial 139
Wanderlust58 25
Being called "honey, "baby," or "sweetie"
BigMikeWestBy... 124
Why see the Mona Lisa?
Allan 58
Free Virtual Visit & Cultural Programs during Lockdown
AshleyMIA 20
Europe for a long time
ndlong72 14
Are we looking or glancing at art?
Allan 35
EU to US: Go away
Mike Beebe 61
How a non-resident can open a EU account
bjornbrok531 17
Ukraine Entry Requirements
James E. 5
Largest city in your own country not yet visited
Tom_MN 81
Italy, Hungary say no to folks outside the EU
Frank II 10
When to get to Spain and Scotland
KC 6
Still tough decisions to make-even if Canada is welcome
Allan 18
What the new EU border recommendations mean for travelers
Carlos 16
Americans won't be vacationing in E.U. until __?__
Kent 26
What's stopping you from traveling?
forshamina 52
American Expat Travel In Europe
Margaret 11
Beat this travel story
Allan 8
Timing for Non-refundable requests
Jean 3
Coronavirus safety of hostels versus private hotel rooms
Mike L 36
French AirBnb?
James E. 12
Redeeming unused travelers checks
Allen 9
Travel Insurance: Is It Worth It?
Ufkak 17
What country is open for vacation now?
arthagrahapro 12
Help me brainstorm a post-lockdown trip destination
Margaret 27
Rick Pops Up, Again-Good Idea
Dave 8
The Dolomites
steven 3
WSJ article; reservations for 2021 filling up
Carol 11
Will future Europe trips cost more than in the past?
Kent 45
Do Not Book on Expedia
nick.stephens 38
For Cathedral Lovers
cala 19
When Will We Be Able to Travel to Europe? A recent article on Europe travel rules and...
Brad 16 Useful Website for Self-Guided Walking Tours Worldwide
acraven 1
Pipe Organ Music
Eric 0
Europe borders are starting to open but not to Americans
Kent 25
Europe high speed rail
Ufkak 11
Rick Pays His Staff Out Of Pocket As Travel Shuts Down
Girasole 8
Does anyone know how ChrisF is doing?
Priscilla 12
TAP air Portugal refunds?
lakshadvio202 5