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General Europe

Questions and answers regarding travel across multiple countries

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FAQ's: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
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Political Discussions & Staying on Topic
Webmaster 1
Where Should I Go?
jamigray8362 6
Fall in Europe
frankj1945 4
Traveling across Europe by air
emilydraper80 5
Am I crazy or is the food just better in Europe?
Doug.Spindler 56
Double Bed? Is it two Twins or a traditional American double
stevehassall 15
ROMANIA 2020 extended stay 3 weeks?
cjleisch 5
Someone to Go in My Place?
faunasol 6
Length of European tours
cr194142 3
Pre-travel mishaps
eurostacy 17
Tour of WWII battlefields
marie 15
Have you OD’d on the museums, churches and are you castled out?
Doug.Spindler 44
Places that DON’T click for you
Mira 60
So how far in advance are you planning? And what?
Andrea 33
How to handle the pesky flower vendors?
Doug.Spindler 29
What intimidates you about travel?
marcia 47
Light summer jacket for ladies
Barkinpark 15
Looping back around
Webmaster 6
Comparing plane, train, bus and ferry travel to get around once in Europe.
Doug.Spindler 18
When is a high speed train really a high speed train and not one that just skips...
Doug.Spindler 12
Eating at McDonalds??
dmwacu 70
WARNING - Scams in Paris and Venice as of June 2019
Doug.Spindler 15
When you give a girl a trip to Europe...
eurostacy 87
Anyone know of any train strikes in Italy in June or France in July?
isabel 0
Why I stopped bothering with post questions on alternative destinations
Andre L. 14
Mountains and Sea- Round trip to Southern France from Cantabria
Mama Ames 7
How much time need in LHR if changing airlines and need to recheck bags
stlevine 4
USA to Munich on same ticket with layover at LHR- how much time needed to get to next...
stlevine 16
Which is the best place to choose for a dental vacation
ar 35
December AirBnB Availability--Book Now or Wait?
ericarenee427 13
I'm confused--US flights to Spain, Then An Intra-Spain Flight
Willy 4
Good Travel Apps
Louise 9
question about my flight from Texas to Copenhagen
bostonphil7 17
? Add a Lufthansa flight to a purchased United ticket so bags can go through to final...
stlevine 6
Lufthansa personal item size restrictions
laurenellis9715 7
Far from the madding crowd....
wbfey1 19
Tracking expenses on our trips
Paul-of-the-F... 43
Cell phones in Europe What carrier/(SIM)?
Doug.Spindler 6
Best 7-10 day trip with a teen?
mary.heffernan8 14
John 3
The Berner Oberland. Where can I find something similar experience inside or outside of...
Jazz+Travels 17
Has European Travel Gotten So Much Worse?
vftravels 11
O’Hare and Heathrow connection question
Karen 4
Lisbon/Rome/Barcelona/Malta - is the weather any different?
tigrowski 10
Ukraine Men U-20 Win World Cup!
Blue439 3
Trips from Berlin - Denmark? Norway? Croatia?
macservice997 5
PSA - Europeans do wear shorts
Emily 70
passport stamping in EU
framroze 4
Gate1 8 day Christmas market tour to Germany and Austra
stlevine 6