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General Europe

Questions and answers regarding travel across multiple countries

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Travel Insurance Refunds
phannah00 0
Anyone Traveling to Europe in the Next 30/60/90 Days?
James E. 144
EU closes borders
Frank II 7
Eurail Refund
prendessa 1
The Great Courses - free trial
Nancy 2
Getting home ?
Lisa 17
When will the 2021 catalog come out?
liz 12
Thank you to everyone that posted In the latest tour scrapbooks!
lisa g 2
Is there a European version of Rick Steves?
BigMikeWestBy... 47
How does Historical Fiction influence your trip?
Allan 72
Who are the best English speakers in Europe? (article)
MarkK 54
American Experience: Influenza 1918 - worth a look
David 17
Donna & Denis 9
The painfulness of deleting old vacation pics
Dale 18
Covid-19 fallout on lodging industry
Andre L. 10
2021 Trip - Can we tour Spain and Portugal coastal areas in 2 weeks?
twinsandme 7
If you could go back in time
BigMikeWestBy... 34
Uplifting TRAVEL Books and Movies
onefastbob 24
Bohemian Switzerland, Czechia
kelinmarry854 3
When the travel situation improves.....
Ken 2
Making the most of your time at home...
Priscilla 10
Planning for After Covid-19
cturtle32174 5
Just make it a donation?
Tom_MN 22
tdw 32
Art museums of Europe
Paul-of-the-F... 16
Any advice on airline travel pillows?
miller1971 13
For teachers/students/travelers from RS
Kristen 1
Unexpected Surprises, what is yours?
Allan 25
looking for a slow travel 2 weeks in Europe Oct/Nov. Beach weather a plus
MariaF 24
Social distancing - from the muppets
Susan E 6
Hockey to the rescue...
Allan 8
Trip Advice
Tiri Travels 7
What's the best sim card to use while traveling in Central Europe?
richardson5810 5
Supporting Local Businesses in Europe (and at home)
Ms. Jo 10
Lightening the Mood: Fight in Wal Mart
BigMikeWestBy... 132
Travel issues on the bailout bill in Congress
Paul-of-the-F... 26
Don't ask for refunds!
Badger 25
A Different (Edit: Good!) Cancellation Experience
Dave 11
Locals--what's going on where you live?
Frank II 89
Beating the boredom with Eurorails (board game, not trains)
Andrea 4
Two New Rick Steves Books!
Bookaholic 4
Cyn 13
Stereotypes, did I miss anything?
Allan 69
Sheltering in place w/Spouse 24/7- Busy Planning next Trips - SOLO????
Pat 17
Share acts of kindness
Maggie 13
Flu vs Corona virus --A clear explanation
joe32F 9
Glimmer of hope?
joe32F 15
Hotel deposit refunds
teach5md 27
Level 4 travel advisory imminent
David 4
AirBnb - Cancellation Policy and Host Complaints
Steve 1