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General Europe

Questions and answers regarding travel across multiple countries

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Having a Bicycle While Enjoying a Future European Journey
Traveljunkie... 22
Itinerary Help! Germany, Austria, Czech Republic
sgralph1 12
Uplifting TRAVEL Books and Movies
onefastbob 45
Help Me Plan Our Corona Germany-Switzerland-Italy-??? Road Trip!
Sarah 11
ETIAS- European Travel Information and Authorization System
jaeson1992 6
Made It! Travel Canada to France
Nelly 16
Staying in EU Beyond 90 Days
mark_arlenele... 31
Getting yourself in trouble
Allan 51
Fun ways to keep the travel spirit alive
DJ 22
Ukraine closes borders
khrystia 6
Best 'no-travel' tips
MariaF 74
A Classic European ( Hungarian ) Konditorei in NYC
steven 4
Have you ever randomly bumped into someone you knew from home while travelling?
DJ 61
Should be on our way to Frankfurt
Diane 5
Welcome to the rabbit hole, Alice... Trip planning in the “age of COVID”
Diane 14
What to do with that travel patch now????
dlhutto 9
Europe in January/February/March???? and where to go?
jroeles 8
Turkish Air Code Share --- This time, not such a good deal
James E. 9
Pros make mistakes, too
Laurel 6
Viennese Panorama
steven 2
Please, do not feed the trolls and do not enable spammers
Andre L. 35
Baltic or Scandinavian countries after viking cruise?
jtridle1 13
Traveling from France into Italy via train at the current time
Kim 10
Happy Birthday Ukraine ..... and other celebration excuses to travel.
James E. 6
Thoughts on Passport renewal?
Brad 23
Travel Guard - To buy or not to buy
Ann 12
Just Daydreaming, Humor Me? :)
MorganMurphy 23
New Rick Steves interview
horsewoofie 18
"Daily dose of travel dreaming" what are you doing to get your fix?
mpaulynsettle 24
Once we can travel again...
bogerjake 13
Odds of catching coronavirus on plane relatively small, study finds
James E. 20
Europe's travel windows are slamming shut
Lane 2
Wondering what it's like to travel in Europe right now? Here's the notes from our...
CamKate 6
Covid Controls website
Frank II 6
Which locations are best done on a tour vs. independently
bp0730 34
Starting To Plan Family Travel
Suzann 31
Minimum days in a single place
Lane 15
Travel, home and memories
Ufkak 6
Not letting a travel day dominate the whole day
rob in cal 26
The flip side of tourist traps
Lane 47
Today I Was Supposed To Be...
CWsocial 140
How many days in........
tdw 17
Too Fast?
Frank II 53
Museum Bucket List
Allan 51
Planning a Post-Pandemic Vacation
Bob 11
Amsterdam, Frankfurt and London Airport Transit Rules ??
James E. 3
Headline from Today’s Wall Street Journal (yes, this is travel related)
Carroll 14
Why do you keep going back?
Allan 50
Where can we go - Covid 19?
uyencua 13
Planning Our First Trip to Europe...Which Guidebooks?
trekkerbp 31