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Dublin Hostels To the North Sue 8
More Southern Germany advice wanted! :) To the West Ashley 6
Florence to Greve by bus? Italy Charlie 2
backpacking through europe - confused by trains Transportation jack 4
Poland - Poznan and Wroclaw? To the East Sheryl 4
A week in Florence--daytrips? Italy Cheryl 14
Hotel Luitpold To the West Kregg 3
Phones in Switzerland/France To the West Brian 0
Hotels close to Frankfurt airport General Europe Charlie 6
Vatican Appropriate Attire Italy Roxanne 10
Hotel Room Safety General Europe Frank II 9
train or plane from amsterdam to munich HELP! To the West jana 4
Alternatives to the city Italy michelle 3
amsterdam or rotterdam Transportation bev 6
Transportation between Dover and Heathrow Transportation Carol 2
Day trip to Florence from Milan - can it be done? Italy Meaghan 4
Public transportation from Fuminico to Rome, then from Rome to Cittiaviccia Transportation Carol 1
Transportation from Cruise Ports into town: Cadiz, Barcelona, Marsailles Transportation Carol 3
Berner Oberland in April To the West Meaghan 7
looking for a good beach to fit into itinerary Italy richard 6
Anyone interested in an unused phone card? Italy Gabriel 0
Italy Italy Sheree 11
best english speaking place to get a SIM card on arrival in Rome Italy Jerry&Stelly 5
handicap accesible munich To the West steph 1
Artic Circle ... before turning 30 To the North Billy 8
Swiss Pass To the West Kimberli 1
Berlin and Vicinity Top Sights To the West John 18
Medical Authorization To the North Mike 1
Suffolk, England suggestions re pubs and places to see To the North Julia 2
B&B's in Brussels and Bruges To the West Julia 5
Train connection times between Italy and France Transportation Lindsey 5
ADVICE NEEDED - PLEASE HELP! To the North Sogwa 30
Renfe troubles Transportation Flinn 11
Problem reserving tickets Borghese Gallery/Ticketeria call back Italy James 7
Bergamo, Italy--have you been there? Italy Mary 6
Germany in March To the West Christian 4
Paris to Stresa Transportation Connie 2
Netbook and downloading pictures General Europe Wendy 3
Parking in florence General Europe Connie 8
5 days in Vienna - downtown sightseeing General Europe Elena 20
Renting a car in Munich General Europe steph 2
Munich Accomadation To the West steph 11
Breakfast at Paris Hotel To the West D.D. 11
gare D'austerlitz To the West KHAKI 1
Help with trimming my Spain itinerary! To the West Melanie 8
WWI (Verdun) without a car? To the West Sharon 1
Netherlands + Rhine or Belgium or both? To the West John 6
Greece & Turkey - Sept or Oct? To the East David 4
Copenhagen hotel help needed.. please To the North Jo-Ann 5
Flag of BC or Canada on my backpack General Europe Anna 17