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Beer from Istanbul to Delft

My beer diary, 2011. Ursus - Istanbul, good. Zagorka - Stara Zagora, Bulgaria, good. Ariana - Stara Zagora, good. Ursus - Bucuresti. Hornica de Maramures - Constanta, plum brandy, oh, not good. Meister - Bucuresti, from Modova, not bad. Gusser - Vienna, good light beer. Zwettler - Vienna, since 1708, good. Zywiec - Krakow, very good Polish beer. Tyskie - Krakow, since 1629, very good. Staropraman - Plzen, since 1868, very good. Pilzen Urquell - Plzen, at the brewery, Benjamin Franklin was right. Gambrinius - Plzen, ok beer. Zipfer - Linz, good. Gosser - Linz, since 1800, good. Salzburger Stiegl- Linz, grocery store beer. Franz Skomer Weissbier - Salzburg, good white beer. Hacker-Pschorr - Ulm, dark, very good, since 1417. Bitburger - Ulm, at resaurant, they brew their own. Humpen - Ulm, light, good. Gold Ochsen - Ulm, light good, since 1597. Bar Fusser Weisse - Ulm, a great weisse. Gaffel holsch - Koln, at Grandma's Kitchen cafe. Peters Kolsch - great restaurant and brewery. Kohann Sion Kolsch - Koln, good. Maisel's Weisse - Koln, sweetish, no coriander. Palm - Delft, best beer of the journey, a brown beer from Germany, the best beer I've ever had. Wieckse witte - Delft, good white, no coriander. And no umlauts used throughout.

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I like your report on beer, Monte. If you don't mind I will do just one little correction. Staropramen is brewed in Praha Smichov. Beer brewed in Plzen is called Prazdroj; exported as Pilsner Urquell. And as you said they also brew Gambrinus.

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Palm should be Belgium...the very best beer you've ever had? Those are some mighty big words there ;-) I like a man with his priorities straight.