Hiking the French Alps July 4th-August 1st

22 yr. old male looking for a buddy or several buddies to hike the lower part of the GR 5 and Gr 52 this summer. I intend to start at Lake Geneva and work my way south along the GR 5 trail, staying at hostels and small hotels along the way, and eventually ending up in Nice. The route works along the eastern border of France passes through beautiful Switz and Italy in places. It is populated by many charming small villages and abundent food and water sources (so there is no need for heavy packs or strenuous walking) The total length of the trail is a few hundred miles so I'd imagine it will take roughly 4 weeks at the outside latest(Depending on things like weather and walking pace) but I'm flexible with dates, I would be willing to start any time late June to early-mid July. I do love to hike and sightsee, so I want to take my time and really see all the hidden gems the French countryside has to offer.The route I have planned is challenging in some places, but I think the rewards are well worth the effort I am open to males or females of any age or nationality who have a passion for the outdoors and want to experience the breathtaking French Alps for themselves. I love meeting new people ! Hit me up for details- I look forward to hearing from you Mike

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