Travel Partner Wanted for Ozora Hungary

Hi my name is nikki, i currently moved from South Africa to amsterdam, Netherlands, i am a huge fan of my goa trance and big trance parties/festivals, and i am posting/asking if there is anyone who is interested ion joing me for this trip it is from the 7th of august till the 12th tickets at gate is 120 euros, u can camp, meaning bring your own tent food, drinks etc... i really want to go, but also dont want to travel alone and would be great if i had someone with me to enjoy this experience! please let me know asap! thanx :)

Posted by shock
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hey!my name is vagelis im grom athens greece im also traveling to ozora this year trip starts on august 1st to thessaloniki greece then sofia voulgaria next stop bucuresti romania after that budapest hungary and final stop igar dadpuszta paradise.. ozora festival!!if you want us to meet somewhere in the middle or something email me it would be great!!