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Talk up technology used for travel here

European tourism now comes with a digital divide: those with high tech gadgets and those without. Discuss gadgets, mobile devices, apps, cameras, rotary phones, and more. Which tools are worth the trouble and actually enhance your travels?

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Wi Fi calling.
Diane 6
Word Press Jet Pack problems
Ruth 4
leifwinter12 3
T-Mobile and International Use with iPhone-your settings?
Pastelholic 45
Train QR codes
KathiMc 11
Considering a WISE card for New Zealand
jules m 6
Confused about voltage converters for hair dryer.
Dreamscometrue 17
Goodbye MOBAL international phones. Next?
suewink40 3
Saving Bookmarks
Mardee 14
Resource for finding up to date Verizon international phone plan options?
Ruth 14
John 8
RushMyPassport services
JohnP 2
Global Entry renewal
SusanM 1
Global Entry
george.smyth 35
Wanderlog Users - ? on copying lists from one trip to another
melT 4
Surge protector-do you bring one? Or power strip only?
Pastelholic 26
Airalo Discover Plus?
LF 7
Airalo basic data plan and using FreeNow Taxi App
LF 2
eSIM or Verizon International?
mheilmann57702 3
Setting up a Rick Steves walking tour map on smart phone
Les 7
Heating pad dilemma-voltage adaptor vs insane price in uk?
sunrainstars 11
Longer term travel planning
Tammy (aka... 23
Newbie to eSim and dual sim - please help
Louise 8
How to "quote" from another reply
Mardee 18
Online purchases with European SIM card and American Bank
jkpdx 21
Sim Card for Poland-Austria-Czech Republic
hanava2000 2
Come Home With Memories, Not a Shocking Phone Bill
Philip 18
Ear pods or ear buds or neither?
Pastelholic 26
How to use a Selfie Stick
Lane 16
Security keys, VPN’s, Password managers etc
Jhōdee 7
Simify- anyone used this company for their eSIM
cat.beres 2
Power adaptors and voltage regulators
severhart_51 11
This looks very promising.....
Ken 0
nano sims chip for iPhone 12 Store at Stockholm airport to purchase?
Janet 3
airalo esim problem
hgmr412 4
Reliable smartwatch for contactless pay in Europe
Jhōdee 6
two way translators like poliglu- any experience with this?
lyceemoliere 0
Very happy with giffgaff simcard
S J 8
Power Bank thoughts
LIZinPA 🧳 22
Voltage Confusion
wanderlust0714 15
Global Entry Application/Worth It?
mariegdiaz 41
Orange esim details
hgmr412 6
Sim card and What's App
sherry 3
Anyone had good luck with aloSIM eSIM? Or not so good?
avirosemail 2
Brazilian Evisas
estrempek 4
Stick to your own phone cables and don’t use the hotels USB ports
Mardee 11
Preferred phone esims for France
Jhōdee 6
Best gadget ever
phred 9
iPhone to iPhone texting while overseas?
Pastelholic 20
data only esim calls to US landline
Jimbo 17