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Student Travel & Study Abroad

Youth and student travel tips

What's worthwhile and what's a waste of money? Share info on backpacking, study abroad programs, nightlife, hostel hopping, and anything else you need to know when you're under 25 and traveling through Europe.

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90/180 Visa Rule in Schengen area and work permit
n2missile.n 8
A little advice
cffv 12
American(non student) trying to attain UK visa
jaclyncafarelli 2
Another question regarding excess baggage storage prior to studying abroad...
susanebeling1 3
Apple Language Courses
imperatricedeux 0
Attire for semester in Granada Spain
caroline 7
A Visa Question with a Twist and Re-Setting the Famous Schengen Clock
kamoore2 9
Backpacking in Malaysia
kcbeenee 0
Best way to find things to do in a new city/country?
jamest 24
Best way to send money with student traveler
condrons1997 17
Cell phones, recommendations
bczappa 6
EF College Break
mckenzie1889 2
Financial Aid Student Trips
hamzahamid226 2
Free College Tuition To US Students To Study In German Universities
Kimberly 5
Hostel good for a solo traveller in Amsterdam
Traveller 8
Hostel Membership
kayla.ray 3
IL Ambassadors of Music Europe Tour 2020 Peoria Students Attempting to Fundraise
katiejoneslcsw 0
ISIC/IYTC Explorer Card (w/ travel insurance)
sefinkel 0
Is it worth the cost to purchase a International Student Identification Card?
sheatwo 6
Length of time travelling
laurieguthrie 4
London's Birkbeck University
Aly 0
Looking for programs for young students in Europe
rmack 2
Malta - Current tips for new international student to travel 11/1-11/5
susan 9
Need No-Claim Travel Medical Insurance for my Son
Ken 3
Rick Steves-style teen student group tours
Brian L. 4
Shipping home Souvenirs?
M 7
Shipping Luggage
anagracesalem 7
Side trip from London: Paris or Berlin?
eincks 11
So Andy Steves just cancelled my daughter's tour - set to leave July 6th - Need ideas
Valerie 30
Solo travel in Europe as a 18 year old female
ellen182 19
Spanish course summer camp Enforex
Alex 2
Student ID
dremr58 6
Student Internship - Seeking 6 Month Rental in Amsterdam
pchenson 3
Student study abroad - Montepulciano
ddamico703 4
Student Visa and Schengen travel over 90 days
Joann 4
study abroad..
bnnd002 4
Study Abroad-Shipping/Storing Luggage
knightm 5
Study Abroad Student Visa Issue
Marbleskies 1
Studying Abroad: I did it: 4 Semesters at Uni Heidelberg Wild 70's. Pros / Cons
Shelley 16
Studying Abroad in Ulm, Germany- How to tackle weekend trips?
littlegiant98 19
Studying in Sweden, Traveling to Europe
monson_k_20 5
Summer 2017
emily.murphy314 2
Summer job in Madrid or Barcelona
daniela 4
travel agent chaperoning minors
teenboymom 8
Travel Help
dnz 4
Traveling Europe Before Study Abroad - What to do with excess luggage
listieuan 3
Traveling to Zurich on a Student Budget
jmcrooks 3
UK Customs/Immigration/Visa questions
kgrubaugh 21
Updates on the Study Abroad Experience during Covid-19
Tigerfan 2
Valuables + airb&b
quincyhall 11