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EF College Break

I am looking into going on a trip next summer with EF College Break, Grand Tour of Europe for 30 days. I am going alone and I am 24. I am concerned about have a good experience and making friends. Does anyone have experience with EF College Break? Any information would be much appreciated. Thank you!

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Hello there.

From what I've heard, it's pretty bare bones. Accommodations are often in hotels that are far away from the city Centre. That said, it can be an economical way to see Europe.

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Just for comparison sake, I have two links for you: Rick Steves' 21-Day Best of Europe Tour and a Tour Experience video that follows one of his 14-Day Best of Europe Tours. At your age, I would have been very comfortable going on one of Rick's tours, but your interests may be very different from mine! His tours do not include airfare. I only include these tours to give you a couple more data points in your research as you compare one tour company and reviews with another.

Oh - here is a link to some Tour Scrapbooks that tour members put together. Whichever tour company you ultimately choose, I hope those links give you some good information.

Pay close attention to where your hotels are actually located (city center?), how many meals are/aren't included, whether museum/show/event entrance fees covered or not, if you're given metro/bus passes, etc. Don't choose the cheapest you find; you'll probably be very disappointed.

Have fun researching!