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My student visa ( Type D ) expires before final exam 1-2 days

I’m studying for a Master’s Degree in Milan, Italy and l got my student visa ( Type D ) will expire on 24 Jan 2024 but my final exam will go on 26 Jan 2024 in the last day.
Even when l applied for a student visa at the embassy in my country before l came here with a document from the university that clearly about the date of my course started on 6 Feb 2023 and ended on 26 Jan 2024 but I still got an expired on 24. I don't get it. ( l have only the document proving that my course ended by 26 Jan 2024 but my student visa expire on 24!!
Also, l already contacted with embassy and they said that the first thing to do that tell the issues to the university ( I did and they said not guaranteed 100% depending on the commissioners.. ) so what are supposed to do?

And my ticket flights have to transit to Zurich and then go directly to Thailand.

I'm so confused…

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This is probably the worst place to ask for this kind of advice. Nobody here has that type of expertise. I used to issue visas, and while my experience has nothing to do directly with your concern, here is what I would recommend. 1. Go to the Italian issuing authorities and re-explain. Ask for their guidance. Asking a different person will often give you a more acceptable response. 2. In the meantime, contact your international students advisor and explain the problem. If they are doing what they should they should be doing, they would be able to contact the correct Italian government authorities to work this out. Also discuss taking your final exam a couple of days early so you can leave on the 24th. 3. You might try speaking with the professor directly as well. 4. Are any other students you know having the same kind of problem? If so, you might have better luck approaching the issue as a group. I don’t know the appropriate course of action (s) in Italy, but this will get you started. Keep in mind that the reply could be linked to your nationality. Countries occasionally have different rules for different countries. Good luck!