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Study Abroad Student Visa Issue

I am hoping someone has experience with this issue and can offer a solution.
Our daughter has applied, via CEA, to study abroad in Spain this year for two different terms.
First term is in Alicante from May 30 till July 26.
Second term is in Seville from Sept 1 till Dec 20.
The period from July 27 to August 30 is for travel within Europe.
We have been diligent and pro-active with all aspects of logistics, including already have set an appt with Spanish Consulate in Chicago to apply for Student Visa.
Yesterday, 45 days after accepting both program applications at the same time, CEA advisor contacts our daughter and says it is not likely a Student Visa will be granted for the entire duration of the stay. The advisor believes that since there is a gap between the semesters the application is likely to be denied.
Has anyone faced a similar issue?

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I'm not sure how many people here will be able to help since it is a visa issue related to study abroad and we are mostly older vacation-oriented travelers. I suppose the thought is that Spanish authorities might be hesitant with the gap thinking she might try and work or would be unable to support herself. It might help to provide proof of support, health insurance and that she won't be working. But even then it might not work. Did the CEA advisor have any ideas? Haven't other students done this double study period too?