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Study Abroad-Shipping/Storing Luggage

Hi! I will be studying abroad in Santander, Spain from May 12-June 9(ish), then I will be traveling to Amsterdam, Bruges, Brussels, Paris and London for the remainder of the 17-18 days (June 10-June 27). I'm bringing a large suitcase for my month in Spain, but was wondering if anyone had advice on either sending the luggage to London until I depart or shipping it home, or any other ideas that would work! I don't want to drag a huge suitcase around especially while I'm running around Europe like a mad woman.

Any advice is greatly appreciated since this is my first "true" international travel (besides Cancun) and I tend to overpack.


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My best advice to you is to not overpack and to not take a large suitcase.

My daughter studied abroad (Scotland) for a semester (5 months) and took a 24" suitcase & a small backpack for her laptop. At the end of her semester we traveled around for a few weeks. Prior to departing Scotland, we sent a package home with her winter clothes and other stuff she wouldn't need. We used 'Mail Boxes, Etc'.

Since you're only going to be there for about a month and a half, you could easily pack your clothes in a 22" carry-on roller suitcase.

You can always do laundry when you're in Spain, and during your travels.

Enjoy your study abroad experience!

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You'll find that shipping costs from Spain to the US will be quite high. I have no idea what you'll encounter if you just want to ship to London.

I second the suggestion to take as little as possible with you.

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Why take so much stuff? You could easily get by for that length of time with one piece of carry on luggage. Rethink what you bring, consult some online packing light guides.

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You could investigate to ship from school to London if you have someone to store it while you travel. Either someone at school who will ship it after you leave or someone in London to receive and hold it for you. My daughter shipped a duffle using and the cost was reasonable from Amsterdam to UEA. However, since you are in school only one month and your trip spans only one season you should consider traveling lighter.

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Maybe you can fly back home from Spain instead of London, and leave your suitcase in Spain with a friend or with someone from your study abroad program.