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Malta - Current tips for new international student to travel 11/1-11/5

My son is an international student in London with a $20 round trip ticket to Malta this Sunday.

What does he need to be aware of with Covid in Malta? It will be his first time there. He has traveled to highlight cities in Europe with us. (his parents) He has some travel experience, but not wit a pandemic. LOL.

He is trying to stay to a strict budget. Where would you suggest for economical stays beyond hostels? Food? He has a crazy idea about sleeping on a beach at some point. (Bohemian 2020) Being the mom, I'd like him to be safe.

I know these are quite general questions, but I'm looking for insights on questions I may not know to ask.


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Agree. As a student, who would presumably be allowed re entry into the UK, is he able to properly quarantine for the mandatory 2 weeks? Is his school break that long? Seems like a risky situation that could jeopardize his schooling. Is he aware that the UK advises against travelling to Malta except for essential reasons? Does he have travel insurance that includes COVID coverage?

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Yes and yes.

He can re-enter the UK with the 14 day Q. University is all online. Yes. Food delivery.

British newspapers have written articles this month (OCT) about Malta as a current destination. He didn't come up with the idea himself. ;)

My questions are about Malta currently. We are seeking a better understanding during this challenging time. We wish to SEEK information that we cannot readily find online so that wise decisions.

Thanks again.

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I don't think anyone here would have firsthand, on-the-ground information about Malta since we are not allowed to travel in Europe right now. So we'd be relying on the same internet your son should be using to get information. I've been to Malta in 2015 and it's not particularly cheap - sleeping on a beach likely won't work at all, so I wouldn't count on it. I wouldn't worry about safety issues in Malta. Look at for lodging. The biggest barrier is the need to quarantine if he can't produce a negative COVID test - see below.
Update 21/10/2020 - Mandatory Tests for Certain Travelers

With effect from midnight on Friday, 23rd October 2020, any traveller arriving in Malta from any of the countries listed in the revised list of countries indicated hereunder is required to present a negative PCR COVID-19 test performed no later than seventy-two (72) hours before arrival in Malta. Travellers arriving in Malta from any of the said countries who fail to produce such a test may be submitted to testing in Malta and may be subject to quarantine.

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Agnes - I saw that as well.
United Kingdom (Belfast, Cardiff, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle) - London is not listed, which makes me wonder if he would need it. Of course, everyday it could change. So it may be best for him to get it just in case.

Thanks for the beach information and your experiences from 2015. The photos of Malta look spectacular.

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susan, that Tier 3 list is out of date, and much shorter than it is now.

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All of England goes into a month-long full lockdown on Thursday which will over-ride the Tier system. I'm sure that that will be noticed in Malta.

Non-essential travel is banned.

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Thanks everyone. We can close this thread. No travel plans now.

Next trip is to come home to the US for the balance of the school year.

Be safe everyone. Best wishes.