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Student Visa and Schengen travel over 90 days

Hello All,
My daughter will be doing a study abroad program in Spain for the coming Spring 2019 semester. She will be applying for a student visa for Spain. However, at the end of her semester, the plan is for me to meet her in Spain then continue on to (probably) Greece for 2 weeks. I am assuming the visa is for Spain only to overstay the 90 days. How does this affect travel after that to other Schengen countries as she will obviously already be past 90 days when we go to Greece?

I have already reviewed both the Schengen brochure & EC website, but cannot find clear information on this. Any help or direction to a website would be appreciated.

As always, thank you!

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Looking into this detail myself for the first time, this seems to be the relevant description at

3. National Visas
The national visa of “D” category is granted to the certain individuals who are to be studying, working or permanently residing in one of the Schengen countries.
* The national visa can be of a single entry, granted to the people who are in need of residing in the Schengen country for a certain period of time and for a sole purpose after which they shall return to their country.
* On the other hand a multi-entry national visa is also granted for certain individuals, allowing its holder to travel in and out of this Schengen country as he/she pleases and also travel throughout the whole Schengen Area without additional visa requirements.

In order to obtain a multi entry national visa, one must meet the certain criteria:
* An international student program will grant a visa for a period of not more than one year.
* An international student that is about to start a full course of studies in one of the Schengen countries. Again the visa is issued for a period of one year [but] with the possibility of extending it.

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When our son studied in Madrid for a Sping semester, he with the support of his school applied for a student visa for "X" period of time. He adjusted the departure date to include the extra time he was spending for extra travel after the semester was over. The visa is good for all of the schengen zone and that includes Greece. As I remember he tacked on an extra three weeks. Half way through his stay he had to report to the local police station near the school for an additional stamp on the visa.