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ISIC/IYTC Explorer Card (w/ travel insurance)

I am planning a trip to Europe (about 3 months) and Southeast Asia (about 3 months). I'm looking into different travel insurance options and am looking for any reviews of the new IYTC explorer card coverage?

The IYTC explorer card (that comes with recently increased travel insurance than the previous level of coverage) looks very similar to the basic coverage offered by world nomads (in terms of types of coverage & coverage amounts). The IYTC explorer card is $199 + shipping for one year vs. a quote of about $450 for 7 months with world nomads.

I'm under 25 and would qualify for the IYTC card but I am having a hard time finding any reviews of the new travel coverage and it seems a little too good to be true...does anyone have any experience with it?? As far as I've seen the posts about the IYTC are just about the discounts that you get with the card or the basic travel insurance the normal card covers.


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