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Shipping Luggage

I am traveling to Lebanon and then to the United States this weekend. I have been living in Ireland for a semester. I’m worried my luggage is going to be overweight. I have a big suitcase, boarding suitcase (with rollers), and a boarding bag. I’m worried my big suitcase will be over weight because of the big coats I have from living in Ireland. I’m worried that I will have to pay the fee to Lebanon, back to Dublin, and then back to the United States. What is the most cost efficient option. I also spoke with Excess Baggage company to ship for about €200. Checking another bag will be another $100 all three ways of flying. I’m also throwing away a lot. What should I do?

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If I have this figured correctly, at today’s exchange rate on Oanda, 200 euro is about 270 USD. So you can spend $300 to check the baggage on your 3 flights, or less than that to ship it. Your choice.

Edit. Or you could give the big coats to a charity if they are not needed at home.

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If it's the weight of the bag, but you are fine with the size, then maybe ship some of the heavier contents home in a box. A few heavy sweaters, coats, or shoes would fit in a moderate size box and would likely be cheaper than shipping a whole bag.

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Can you leave the big bag in Dublin and pick it up on your way back and just pay the airline extra bag fee just the once?

Any friend you can leave it with who could bring it to the airport when you travel through on your way to the US?

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Waiting to hear back from Dublin Airport in regards to luggage storing. If only packing four months of stuff wasn't such a pain!!!

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If the cost of the shipping option is weight-based rather than size-based, you should look at every heavy item you own and ask yourself: Is it worth the cost to ship this home? The answer may be "no" for enough things to make a substantial difference: toiletries, books, perhaps well-worn shoes.

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When our son returned from a semester in Spain he gave away almost all of clothing (and sold some) because the shipping charges were more than the clothing was worth. It is a math decision. Is the clothing worth the price of shipping.