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Need No-Claim Travel Medical Insurance for my Son

My 19 yr old son is taking a trip to Israel for 10 days and needs travel insurance. Since I don't have a spare $50,000 to $100,000 laying around in case something terrible happens, I need a policy that pays the provider(s) up front a.s.a.p. Do such policies exist? Can anyone please recommend some? I don't really care about lost luggage coverage. I'm mainly interested in emergency medical coverage.


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You could look at or and compare policies there. Most do not pay up front, but reimburse you. Are you sure that his current insurance won't cover him in Israel? The insurance I have through my employer covers me while abroad, but I also have travel insurance for med evac and other things through Divers Alert Network. The membership is only $35 for an individual and has med evac and repatriation coverage, as well as other things like a medical hotline. Their website is You don't have to be a diver or be traveling on a diving trip. They also have travel insurance available for an additional cost, but the basic insurance is listed under TravelAssist in Member Benefits.

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My daughter will be traveling(volunteer work) to another country for 2 weeks and she is required to have travel insurance.

The volunteer program has recommended this insurance company.

I called them today & asked them several questions & it definitely includes emergency medical/dental coverage.

You can get a free quote & see all the details here:

Best of luck to you & your son!