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Spanish course summer camp Enforex

I'd like to know if you've heard of Enforex Spanish language/summer camps, they're offered throughout Spain and we'd like to send our 2 young adults (ages 15 and 13) to one of these camps, specifically in Malaga in early July 2017. It's a 2 week program, they have the option to stay overnight during that time, but we're inclined to do the day camp option instead for them (9:00 - 8:00 pm daily).... We will be staying in the area, so they can leave and stay the night with their parents.

Does anyone recommend this program? I find great literature online, but very little in terms of reviews... I'd like to know about the quality of the program, safety and if it's a worthwhile program...

Any other summer programs for young adults that you've heard/read or know first-hand that's really worthwhile to pursue in Malaga? (or even other cities)

Thank you in advance!

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Hello There,
I am also looking for a Spanish immersion for my 15-year-old daughter, and Enforex was recommended by someone who had attended the program almost 10 years ago. Now I'm researching it and I can hardly find anything on it online. They few that I have come across is not very positive--saying that the kids had too much time to hang out and text.

Anyway, I would love to hear what else you have come across. My deadline is coming up soon becuase I'm also targetting a couple of July weeks.

btw, I am thinking of Malaga too.

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Thank you for your reply Abbey,
Yes, I am aware of Diverbo, and also of Pueblo Ingles...This is definitely a great opportunity but my understanding is that it's for children ages 16 and over. I'm planning next year to send my older boy to that course, since the total immersion in the language is absolutely fantastic... (I did volunteer as an English instructor in Englishhausen a few years ago, so I know the drill)...
Thanks for pointing this course out!