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Is On Call International Global Assistance

Looking for advice on whether it is necessary to purchase On Call insurance plan for student traveling abroad. Thank you for input!

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No one here can answer such a question without a whole lot more information. The first thing to discover is what coverage do you already have? This could be on your medical policy, a university health plan, etc. There could also be coverage associated with a credit card.

Next, what risk are you hoping to insure against? Does On CallInternational Global Assistance cover that risk and is it the only/ and or best option?

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I'm sticking my neck out here, because I know nothing about student trips or about that insurance company, but I think the destination(s) could be a factor here. I might be interested in extra support for a child traveling to a Third World country, as compared to a trip to popular parts of Europe.

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Is this what you are referring to ?---

Are you planning to take a group of students, or just looking for coverage for your child?

With more details, you improve your odds of getting useful answers.

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Is this what you are referring to ?---
Are you planning to take a group of students

I used to work at a university organising overseas placements for teaching students and the university had a policy of this type. We sent students to places like Nepal, India, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu etc to teach in small, rural schools where the students had to travel by local transport. Some placements included living with local host families.

The university held the policy, we (Education faculty) just had to notify the insurer of the names of the students going, the locations, accommodation and dates. We were concerned mostly about ambulance transport if someone had an accident and needed urgent medical care.

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Yes that is the plan I was questioning. I realize this question is targeted to smaller audience of anyone who has sent a student abroad - trying to determine if the added ‘concierge-like’ service is worth the $1,500 when we basically have otherwise appropriate medical, travel and personal belonging coverage (via health insurance, other personal insurance and credit card protection for travel). Based on my search, most people posting opinions about OnCall had ‘no opinion’ because they (luckily!) never needed the service!

Agree on the point about where the student is going. I feel pretty comfortable with most of Europe and in particular where my son will be spending most of his time.

Thanks for all your replies!