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Attire for semester in Granada Spain

Hi! I will be studying in Granada Spain this upcoming semester. I understand that typically dress in Spain so slightly more conservative that what I might wear in the US and I am planning accordingly. I am windering more specifically about attire for running/working out and attire for around the house. These ar typically very casual outfits for me but these are also times where I will be around a lot of other people and I don't want to stand out or offend anyone. What is typical athetic wear and leisure wear in Spain? If anyone has any thoughts I would love to hear them! Please be gracious!

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I can see why you may not have a lot of data. I just spent a while wandering around Granada by Streetview and so few!! people were on the streets!

I thought I could find an image around the university area but only found tumbleweed.

Oh well.

I hope somebody who has been there in the summer semester will chime in.

Folks were gracious in your previous posts. I hope it is similar this time.

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Hello, I was born in Spain and now live in Southern California, regarding athletic and leisure wear, pretty much what you see in Spain in the summers is also what I see in California during the summer. Remember Summer in Andalucia will hot hot hot! Around the upper 30s Celsius (around 90-100 F) is normal day to day, this should be your priority in how you dress.

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Unless you plan to walk around in the nuddy, I think you'll be okay anywhere. There's around 80,000 students in Granada - with a big proportion of foreigners - so I doubt you'll be wearing anything that seems that unusual. I don't know what semesters are, but I'd plan based on the weather more than anything else. Granada in July, when it's toasty, is very different to January, when it can get pretty cold in the evenings.

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I was in Spain in March and ran into several groups of American students (we seemed to follow the same groups from Granada to Sevilla). I did not notice anyone wearing complete athletic wear on the streets but just casual outfits. jeans, black leggings, dresses, capris, etc. Just the type of outfits that would be worn in any college town in the U.S. (I have a daughter in college here in MO and I notice these things). The only thing that I thought was a little too much on a student in Spain was a tube top and short shorts. (that is how I noticed the group from one place to the next). Don't wear that! I would not necessarily take jeans with large holes in them either. The Spanish take pride in their appearance and always seemed to look put together.


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There are stores in Granada. Take a small basic wardrobe, fill in any gaps with Spanish style. Just like you would do if you were spending a semester in another state from your home campus.