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Student study abroad - Montepulciano

My daughter is going to Montepulciano for a Study Abroad session.
It looks like a beautiful place that I'd like to visit, as well.
However, being a concerned parent,

1) has anyone heard of any issues with safety in the city?

2) has anyone heard of any issues with bus, train or taxi transportation in or out of the city?

Thank you very much.

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  1. It is safer than where she is currently living and studying for certain.

  2. You can get anywhere you need to go.

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I can't imagine a safer place for her. My kids were all over Europe, many large cities on their study abroad programs.

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I was there twice and its a small town so I can't imagine a place safer.

As far as transportation, it is a small town so you will probably really have to plan and pay attention to timetables for transportation. However, this is still European public transit and would still be far better than most public transit in similar small cities in the US.

You're daughter shouldn't have any issues.

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You won't get in and out of town as quickly as from locations on a major train line. Montepulciano train station is abut a 15-minute bus ride from the hill town itself. See and this sample of the line N1 schedule from the first half of this year. As shown there, service is reduced on Sundays and holidays, but exists.

This station is only served by regional trains, so you'll often have to make a connection to faster main-line trains if covering longer distances. Sometimes that change point is at Chiusi-Chianciano Terme, which also has direct bus service about hourly to/from Montepulciano, but maybe not on Sundays and holidays.