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Home Stays / Language Immersion Programs in France and Spain

I am a senior, retired, and eager to improve my French and Spanish.

I am wondering if a homestay/immersion program might be right.

On the fluency scale, my French is 3/10 and my Spanish is 8/10. I like the idea of small to midsize cities, and in any part of either country. Thinking of a 3-4-week program.

Thanks for advice.

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Many of the language academies have immersion programs, usually defined as 20 hours of classes a week, and can arrange homestay accommodation.

And dorky sidebar... Europe has developed a standard for categorizing language proficiency—a set of metrics applicable to all languages, with common levels. My Spanish is a B2. I'd be at C1 with better written production.

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Marty, I came across this site some time ago and looked at several locations. I bookmarked it because it seemed something I might like to do. It could be a great way to see a particular region or even different regions of France while learning French. See if any of these strike your fancy. I was particularly interested in the Northern Brittany stay. They also offer lessons through Skype or Zoom.
French Immersion in France

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Road Scholars features a 6-week program in Bordeaux where you attend language classes (and sometimes cooking classes as well) during part of the day on weekdays and your time is open in the afternoons and weekends to do what you want in addition to the occasional excursions that they provide. This definitely caught my eye because of the immersion opportunity provided.