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study abroad..

Good day,i want to get my master's degree abroad,I'm a recent medical graduate from India and was able to get an internship with a hospital in Canada for a few months. What should I expect? I'm kind of nervous about the whole thing because I've never been to Canada.

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Canada is a huge country, you need to know where specifically you'll be staying. Then you can look at some guidebooks and then do some google with subjects like "living in Montreal." It will be a culture shock but hey, people go from one country to another every day of the year and most of them survive (joke).

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Relax. A kinder, gentler first country abroad is hard to imagine. Are you going to be in French speaking or English speaking Canada?

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Congratulations. It sounds like a wonderful opportunity. You should expect only good experiences.

When do you start and where? Coming from India, the only issue that leaps to mind in Canadian winter.

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Where in Canada will you be? There are fairly substantial Indian communities in our larger cities, if that makes you less nervous. Also, the very large hospital here in Montreal where I (alas) have been a frequent visitor, seems to have a lot of Indian doctors, men and women, who no doubt would be helpful and welcoming. At least, I hope so! Be of good heart!