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Talk up your favorite tastes in Europe

Europe is delicious. Whether you want to banter about breakfast or beer, it's all on the menu in this section of our travel forum.

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UK Food on the go
mikespencer 1
Restaurants in the 6th Arrondissement/Luxembourg Gardens?
mk 7
Best restaurants in Strasbourg??
mmwest512 2
Order alcohol-free drink in tapa bars?
mozart 3
Gluten-free in Italy
mrp 4
Caveau des Vignerons in Amboise: no free tastings and decidedly not friendly
mrwilcoxen 10
Nance 3
You CAN teach an old dog new tricks - coffee
Nicole P 19
Ah yes - fast food
Nicole P 25
Spaghetti producers
Nigel 4
Poor Choice in Rome
nivende 0
Fantastic Norwegian food
nosemarie 0
The Flemish Pot, Bruges
ntimid8r51 0
Tips for a Picky eater traveling to Central America
onesmartpart 13
Best Gelato in Rome
ownedby3 14
Best Gnocchi in Rome
ownedby3 13
Gluten Free travel tips
pasanchezaz 7
Good restaurant in Cordoba, Spain
patleehey 0
Eating out with young children
Patricia 5
Food that you can't (generally) find overseas
Paul 49
Granada Tapas Tour
Peterson... 2
Rue Cler restaurant on RS Tour?
phannah00 9
Chocolate in London
Philip 4
Interesting blog post by David Lebovitz
Philip 10
Pierre Marcolini now has a stand-alone shop in London!
Philip 1
Mass market food and drink?
Philip 11
Vegetarian means different things
phred 16
Traveling with a PEG tube and liquid nutrition
pno4te 9
Lisbon, Alfama wine store
princent1971 1
Loire to the South of France - restaurants
queenmab225 4
Wine tasting in Portugal?
radianthealth 0
Pakhuis, Gent/Belgium
rdakin67 0
Introvert anxious about dining out in Rome
Rebekah 25
Great phone app for wine lovers
Richard 2
Edinburgh food tours
rmpesin 2
Something that makes yearn to return!
Rob 13
free meals at goverment subsidies university
rookfamily33 4
Fresh Fruit in France
rosesimpkin 14
Veggie food in florence
rosyashish 1
Back to coffee (Italy)conversation
rsmckernan 21
NYSA is a great wine shop on Rue Cler
sandiealjones 1
Low carb, low sugar diet in England
SandraL 10
Portugal and the Douro River Valley
sanjaysrik 4
Great Florence Outlier --- Caffe Deco.
Sarah 0
Buying wine in France---Be Careful!!!
sdw5422 2
Frankfurt and Bacharach for 5 nights...where to eat????
sean_m_patterson 7
A Gastronomic Journey in Vietnam – part 3, Hue
shantrino 0
traveling with group in France, separate checks? reservations?
shawn 13
Think we can continue the "Coffee Talk" on this thread?
Shelley 16
Okay, I am taking your "Great Vienna Restaurants" suggestions here, for Br, L, and D
Shelley 11