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Talk up your favorite tastes in Europe

Europe is delicious. Whether you want to banter about breakfast or beer, it's all on the menu in this section of our travel forum.

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Beyond the beer and brats
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Root Beer
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Good food in Paris that isn’t French
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Birthday dinner in Venice
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"No fromage for you!"
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UK Food on the go
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Restaurants in the 6th Arrondissement/Luxembourg Gardens?
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Vegan in Madrid
Best restaurants in Strasbourg??
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Order alcohol-free drink in tapa bars?
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Gluten-free in Italy
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Caveau des Vignerons in Amboise: no free tastings and decidedly not friendly
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You CAN teach an old dog new tricks - coffee
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Ah yes - fast food
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Spaghetti producers
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Dim Sum on trolleys
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Poor Choice in Rome
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Gluten-free eating in Cinque Terre
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Fantastic Norwegian food
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The Flemish Pot, Bruges
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Tips for a Picky eater traveling to Central America
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Best Gelato in Rome
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Best Gnocchi in Rome
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Good restaurant in Cordoba, Spain
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