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New options in Milano

Thanks to Sam a few months ago in this post i reserved at Antica Osteria Cavallini and we really enjoyed our dinner! The place is cavernous which gave me some pause, but they have lovely food and good service. There were many Italians as well as visitors from many countries dining there a few nights ago.

We had not been to Milan since 2019 but had been regular visitors for many years. The Berna has upgraded some rooms in a generally nice style, but sadly ours had the dreaded glass door on the bathroom and also automatic lights in the closet that turned on when you got up in the night… Luckily it was only one night in transit for us.

Along the same street as the Berna as some new cafes. Marcellino Sarto del Panino is a great lunch option with customizable sandwiches made from fine Italian products we North Americans seldom have on offer. You can specify your own options or choose one of their recipes.

The Crazy Cat Cafe is still going strong and Nice Cafe looked like a good option for casual meals and was well patronized.

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Thanks for the information, Laurel. I'll be in Milan for a week in October so taking note.

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YES, to Antica Osteria Cavallino! We too we’re staying at the Berna (wish we had seen you Laura), and after spending several hours at the Duomo and Galleria where it seemed like ALL the tourists in Milan were gathered on Monday since many sightseeing places are closed that day, we decided to head to Antica Osteria Cavallino for a late lunch (same menu as dinner). We were ushered through the dining area, to a large garden courtyard, away from the crowd and heat. It was so restful eating there. Other tables were occupied by businessmen, as well as someone celebrating a birthday.
We had already been in Italy for 3 weeks, eating lots of pasta and pizza, so I craved meat.
I ordered the saffron Risotto with veal ossobuco, which was delicious! It was my main meal for the day, followed later by gelato from Mancuso because they have my favorite flavor, lemon cream.
So, Sam, glad we followed your recommendation. Thank you!