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Venice Restaurant/Cafe/Tapas Bar Protocol (Solo Dining)

Hello, all!

I may be visiting Venice soon as a solo traveler, and was wondering what the protocol is at various eating establishments.

At a cafe, how does it usually work? Do you simply find an empty table or spot at the bar, or let them seat you? Do you pay before or after you finish your drink?

Same question for a restaurant. I won't be going to anywhere fancy, but just a regular restaurant or bistro-type place? Let them seat you, or just find whatever's open? Also, I know solo dining isn't a big deal at trattoria, but it is common at a regular restaurant?

Lastly, what's the protocol if I wanted to do a cichetti/tapas bar crawl? Seat/stand yourself? Point at what you want, eat, then pay later?

Thanks for the help everyone!

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In RS guide book, Rick recommends a guide for a pub crawl. We did that a few years back, and really enjoyed it, altho we did have to stand in most places.

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You won't like this - it depends.

I visit various sources for my fill of chichetti and they are all different, I'm afraid. Just ask.

Plenty of singles in the scene too.

Sometimes seats, but I always expect to stand...

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by the way - tapas is Spanish and not what you will be having in Venice

If you are going "soon" wrap up well. Venice can get quite a biting cold, and the churches are good for refrigerators.

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For a meal, I usually look for a waiter or another staff person (cashier, bar) and ask where to sit. Lunch tends to be more informal - often just sit where you like. You may find in the afternoon that some tables are set for meals, others not. Those not set up are for people who just want a drink and maybe a snack. BTW if you want a coffee, you will pay more to sit at a table than to stand at the bar, and outdoor seating is usually more expensive than indoor seating. And yes, even in winter, there will be outdoor seating . .. . at least there has been every time I've been there in February. You usually have to ask for the bill, I don't think it ever comes 'automatically'. And I don't remember ever having a problem being seated for dinner solo.