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Cicchetti Bar In Venice - Cantina Do Mori

Rick has this place listen his Venice travel book. It's suppose to be one of the 4 best places to go to for Cicchetti bar. Normally these places charge almost nothing, 1-2 euros for wine and the same for small ciccetti. When my husband asked for the bill, we almost fell over - 52.50! This was a tiny snack, not a meal. PLEASE Rick do not send us travelers to this place again without mentioning, it's far more expensive than a nice sit down dinner at a beautiful restaurant on the grand canal.

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Now I go there every time I am in Venice (once or twice every year), at least 2 or 3 times each visit, although my favourite place is in Dorsoduro. I don't drink any alcohol and my wife and I usually get through a few plates and usually pay around €15 to €25.

Almost nothing hasn't been the case for many years.

Fish costs more than vegetables, big plates cost more than little ones, it costs more (quite a lot more) if you have them come for waitress service in the next room than if you order at the bar and take your food to one of the tiny tables in the same room as the bar; two similar looking items will have quite different prices such as cuttlefish vs squid vs octopus or baby octopus, and there are always specialities that cost much more like sarde in saor even though it is small. I know from nothing about wines but I expect that the house red is less than something out of a bottle.

Could you be more specific about what you had?

Any chance your husband could have been given the bill for the next person along the bar?

What did you say, and what did they do?

By the way, we are just a bunch of working-for-free travel mad fellow travel nuts here, the staff pops their head in from time to time, and Rick never does (or so I'm told) so if you want a complaint about the book to go to the right people use the Contact Us button at the bottom of the page.

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Been there, had the same thing happen. Do Mori "upsells" you on your wine (so it can be 12E a glass), and if there are locals in there and you're taking up places at the bar, seems like the prices go up. Many of the other cicchetti bars are more reasonable, but the Do Mori is easy to find, and seems like a logical place to start your cicchetti crawl. It would be nice if a warning was posted about this issue in Rick's books. I will say, however, that I rarely have found "a beautiful restaurant on the Grand canal that will serve a nice sit down dinner" for less than 100E. Venice is expensive, and restaurants all over the fish charge high prices. Sorry you had this experience.

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I went there and had a similar experience -- overpriced, touristy, and the staff treated us like garbage.

We went to another little hole-in-the-wall in Canareggio -- I'm sorry that can't remember the name right now -- and enjoyed it immensely.

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The Bacareto da Lele serves all day from 0600 to 2300 turkey, ham, and sausage sliders for 1 Euro, also breakfast sliders, coffee for 0.75 Euro and wine by the glass, also 0.75 Euros. You will likely be the only tourist in line with the early shift of workers on their way to work. We went there morning and night during our stay at Hotel Gardena, right across from the Santa Lucia rail station. A 100 meters beyond Bacareto da Lele is a small glass shop with Murano custom selections for bargain prices. It's right across the small canal from Hotel Failer on the same canal fronting Hotel Gardena. It's hard to spend over 5 Euros to get full. Did I mention the glass of house wine for less than a Euro...? We stocked up on Murano glass bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and some custom made pieces by the shopkeeper. Worth a trip for sure.

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Just saw Anthony Bourdain's show on food in Venice, first shown in 2009. Pretty sure one of the stops for Cicchetti was Cantina Do Mori. That exposure alone probably doubled their prices, dontcha think? He also stopped at Trat. Da Romano on Burano.

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A local said this place is known for adding other customers tabs on to the tourists and not to go there again. Not an issue we will never go there again. And no we did not purchase any of the expensive items. May have upgraded our wine.

And there are many MANY inexpensive places to eat in Venice. One of the reasons we are retiring in this beautiful city. In fact it's more the rule that wine is €2 at the most. Also you can eat right on the a grand canal for way less than the €100 mentioned by someone here. We had lunch twice in a week and under €40 each time, in fact I think under €30. Time of day is important.