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Scotch tasting in Scotland

We just returned from a week in Scotland and had a great experience in Edinburgh sampling Scotch at the Jeffrey Street Whisky and Tobacco shop. We chose the regional tasting, sampling Scotch from five different whisky-producing regions in Scotland. Our tasting guide, Hector, spent about and hour and a half with us explaining the distillation process for making scotch and how the regions differ. It was very informative and we were surprised at how different each scotch tasted.

We also went on a distillery tour at the Glencoyne Distillery at Dumgoyne, north of Glasgow. It was recommended to us by the travelers' information center in Balloch. We had a very informative tour which included tastings of some of their fine scotches.

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Glencoyne or Glengoyne with a "g"?

We stopped at Glengoyne Distillery north of Milngavie for a tasting. We were walking by and a couple of Englishmen who had just visited told us that is was a worthwhile detour. It was and I have a souvenir miniature of the 21 year old.

We were told that the Glengoyne name came from valley or glen of the wild geese.

The Glengoyne Distillery is situated in a wooded valley in the
southern Highlands of Scotland close to a small river that flows into
the famous Loch Lomond. The distillery, which takes its name from
"Glen Guin" or Glen of the Wild Geese, has been producing an
exceptional single malt scotch whisky for nearly 200 years.